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I am continuing to feed the aquarium bacteria 2 ppm ammonia as I am doing a fishless cycle. everytime I test the ammonia later on it reads yellow-great. I respect your advice to take a sample of my aquarium water to my LFS to be tested, however, I know they use the same Tetra Easy Strips that I have been using for nitrites and nitrates. since my nitrites are at zero and my nitrates at between 40 and 60, although I will still go to the fish store to compare readings, after for example a 75 % water change for nitrate reduction, can I put fish in ? Thanks.
Once you have confirmed your readings are correct with your new liquid test kit, I would suggest to dose you ammonia up to around 1 to 2 ppm again just to make sure there is no ammonia or nitrites left after about 18 to 24 hours. 10 days seam like a very short time to cycle a tank. Have you been adding any bacteria boosters during the cycle ?

Before you start adding fish, I would suggest completing a very large water change (as close as you can get to 100%) the day you add your fish.