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  1. Default Ideas for a 29 gallon

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    I've got an empty 29 gallon burning a hole in my room and with classes almost done its time to start thinking about summer projects. Mainly a new tank :). My first thought was dwarf neon rainbows but even with their small size I'm not sure if the 29 gallon is big enough for any rainbows. Everything I've read online says the 29 gallon would be fine but I want to run it through you guys to get opinions.
    20 gallon tall: empty
    29 gallon: moderately planted with 9 bloodfin tetra, 1 german blue ram, 11 glow light tetra and 1 BNP
    10 gallon QT: empty

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    if Hobbs has a picture, you should see her all neon tank.

    I've slowly flipped my 40b to be a tank like that. massive school of cardinal tetra's-or neons is such a sight to see.

    25 neons and a GBR, planted low tech would be stellar

  3. Default

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    Peacock Gudgeons. These are some beautiful and non-aggressive if given enough space, and 29 is fine. I think Peacock Gudgeons + Threadfin Rainbows would look awesome.

  4. Default

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    Killifish only tank
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  5. Default

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    Good suggestions guys those Peacock Gudgeons are awesome looking. I was asking for thoughts on the dwarf rainbows I can get them for a good price locally and love their colors and how active they are.
    20 gallon tall: empty
    29 gallon: moderately planted with 9 bloodfin tetra, 1 german blue ram, 11 glow light tetra and 1 BNP
    10 gallon QT: empty

  6. Default

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    I had neon rainbows in my 29 and found them to be very delicate and not nearly as colorful as I'd hoped. I now have Colombian Tetras.(often sold as red and blue tetras in fish stores) Much more color than the rainbows but still with the shiny silver bodies, pink/red tails and fins and lovely blue iridescent lines on their backs. I MUCH prefer them to the neon rainbows. Hardy, active and totally non aggressive. they school very loosely and stay in the mid to upper region of the tank.
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    I have never kept them, so keep that in mind, but what I read is a tank of 24 inches in length on Seriously Fish, a minimum length of 24 inches but 30+ is preferable on Tropical Fish Keeping, and a minimum length of 32 inches on Badmans Tropical Fish. Here are the links if you are interested.
    They are a very active fish and my opinion is to follow Badman's advice of a tank with a length of at least 32 inches to give them plenty of room to swim and be active. A 29 gallon is 30 inches long, but they might be alright in one. Personally, I would do a couple schools of tiny fish like celestial pearl danios and chili rasbora with some pygmy cory for the bottom, but again, that's just my opinion.
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  8. Default

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    I kept 30 of them in my 150G at a time, my advice is not to get them unless you have a 4ft+ tank, they're very active and love to socialise in schools.

    The other members suggested some great alternatives, even though it is a 'dwarf' rainbowfish, it should be treated no different than another rainbowfish and therefore be given the adequate space and school size.

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    I had a school of Furcata rainbows and enjoyed them very much. You could have a nice school in a 29g.

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  10. Default

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    Thanks guys I expected it was going to be to small but wanted to double check. Fishmommie those are good looking fish! Have you found them to be to active for dwarf ciclids such as rams or apistogrammas? I think a school of 8 or 10 of those plus 8 or 10 cory and a undecided dwarf ciclid is my goal for this tank.
    20 gallon tall: empty
    29 gallon: moderately planted with 9 bloodfin tetra, 1 german blue ram, 11 glow light tetra and 1 BNP
    10 gallon QT: empty

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