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    Default Identification help

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    I need help trying to identify something growing on one of my rocks. On top of my live rock there is a piece of dead coral rock that my blue tang hides and sleeps in down in the branches. Lately I have noticed that his tail and fins are really chewed up but I haven't seen any of the other fish picking on him. A few days ago I noticed a lot of little (somethings?) growing in the rock that the tang lives in. They are white and vary in size from a couple of millimeters to just over a centimeter in length. The body that attaches to the rock is sort of egg shaped and some of them have short bristles coming from the top, similar to a feather duster that is not fully extended. I'm trying to get a picture of them but they are so small that I cant get any to show up. I'm wondering if they could be something like aptasia that are stinging my tang. I can only find them on this one particular rock. This rock was added when I satrted the tank about 8 months ago and was dry after sitting in my garage for more than a year. I did use live rock from my lfs when I started the tank and I have many hitchikers such as featherdusters and other small worms. Nothing else that could introduce a hitchiker has been added to the tank since startup. Any help would be much appreciated.

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    here is the best pic I could come up with. As a size reference, the tang is very small, just over an inch total body length.
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    Is the body of this hitch-hiker hard or soft ?

    Maybe try looking up spirorbid worms. Just a guess on my part
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    The body is soft. In the pic I posted, the one on the left is the only one you can see the entire body and the small tentacles protruding from the open end. I have spirorbid worms as well as some other worms but nothing that resembles this that I have seen before. When I check the different hitch-hiker guides the closest thing I can find is Tunicates, but mine only have one opening at the top and none of the tunicate pictures I have found have the tentacle or brush structure at the top. That is why I thought about aptasia, because the body sort of resembles the trunk of the aptasia without the long tentacles.

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    here is a pic from my phone still not great though
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    I get the same things in my reef from time to time, but they do no harm that I am aware of, and they seem to disappear after awhile. I believe they have been known to occasionally sting some corals, but not sure if they can damage fish.

    also look up digitate hydroids
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    I think I solved it. I believe they are scypha sponges. The reason they only grow in that rock is because my general star can't get to them in there. Looks like I need to cut down on my feeding a little.

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