I have a 50g breeder with 5 Salvini cichlids. I rescued these fish when they were 1.5" from an African cichlid tank at the LFS at least six months ago. maybe eight. They were getting pretty beat up in there but a little TLC took care of the nipped fins and tails. As sals are very aggressive toward each other, I knew I could not keep them together long term. I planned on growing them out and selecting the best one or pair(if one formed) and rehoming the rest.

I have been out of state working for the last few weeks. Needless to say I was worried what was going on with my tanks while I was gone. I got home late last night and immediately checked on them. To my dismay, one of the Salvinis was laying dead on the bottom of the tank. I quickly got it out and did a huge water change. After that I tested and levels were good, so I did waterchanges on the other tanks and went to bed.

This morning when I was looking at the tank, I noticed that one of the Sals was chasing and picking on two of the others. I figured the time had finally come to make my choice and move the others. As I was contemplating my options as to where to move them, I glanced over at the tank and noticed a big swarm of fry. WOHOO!

AT that point I knew I had to do something quick. I netted out the two that were getting beat up, which involved tearing the whole tank apart, removing all the decor and spending 15 frustrating minutes chasing them around with two nets. Finally I got them and placed them in the 90g temporarily. Luckily I got the correct two out. After replacing all the decor I am watching the pair in the 50g guarding the 30-50 remaining fry. They are already free swimming and wandering around the tank. I figure they must have spawned soon after I left on my trip. Now the only thing in that tank are the Salvini pair, their fry, two BN plecos and a clown pleco. The sals do not bother with the plecos at all.

Hopefully soon I will be able to get some pictures.