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  1. Default Do fish mind going from dark staight to light?

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    I was wondering, if fish are in total darkness then you switch the tank lights on, does this hurt them or stress them out?

    The reason i'm asking is because I have 4 African Dwarf Frogs in my tank and in order to make sure they are fed I give them bloodworm with a long set of tweezers. It works well, however I also have some Pentazona Barbs in the tank and they are like Piranhas when the tweezers go in, they end up stealing most of the bloodworms!

    However, a few weeks ago I had turned my tank light off then later realised I hadn't fed the frogs, so I had to turn it back on to feed them, and I noticed as I was doing it none of the Barbs came out to grab the worms, they stayed sheltered at the back of the tank.

    So it seems this would be the best way to go about feeding the frogs, but as I said im worried doing this will cause harm to my fish?

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    Quite a lot of fish are startled by the sudden transition from dark to light. This could work in your favout. A less stressful way worth trying is to turn off the tank lights, wait 15-20 minutes, turn on a room light nearby and see if the frogs are hungry.

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    Sleeping humans would be very startled if a bright light were to suddenly illuminate their surroundings. Fish don't even have eyelids to shield their eyes so the effect probably is even more pronounced for them.

  4. Default

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    I always wait until it's daylight before I turn tank lights on to avoid startling them.

    I'd try as was suggested above. turn out the lights for 10 - 15 minutes, then drop food in for the frogs.
    There are sinking pellets with both protein and veggies that might also work for them that the barbs will ignore.
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