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    Default PetSmart and Dwarf Gouramis...

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    I bought a few Dwarf and Honey Dwarf Gouramis, at different times from PetSmart, and the one thing that seems to happen to them all eventually, is their stomachs become bloated, like they have eaten too much. It's not Dropsy. There no "pineconing", just fat stomachs, like they eaten to much. Their colors are bright, they are active and eating, no other signs of an illness. It has happened to everyone of the "Dwarf" type Gouramis I have brought from PetSmart. It doesn't seem to effect them and they seem to live a rather "long" life. (I'm not sure what their life expectancy is.)

    Any thoughts on this? BTW: No other fish in my tank has ever had this happen to them.
    Simba 1994-2013 RIP

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    my guess would be they are overeating and get constipated and their abdomens swell. I had this issue with 2 of my DW when I was feeding Omega One protein rich flakes. I switched to a spirulina/veggie mix and they have not had a constipation problem since.
    any time your DW swells like that, fast him for several days, possibly give him a piece of a pea to help get things moving through his intestines. the little stinkers really are pigs and can do themselves in if they get blocked for too long.

    If you haven't ever wormed your tank, however, you might want to get some Prazi Pro and dose, just in case it might be caused by parasites.
    Last edited by fishmommie; 05-02-2013 at 02:39 PM.
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    My DG actually eats until his stomach bulges like that, specially if its microworms, but it goes away if he stops eating. I think if it stays its a constipation issue, if not then I don't it being a very dangerous issue. Just keep an eye on it

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    Fishmommie & Hardy85,
    Thank you both! That makes me feel a little better. I'll try to cut down on my feeding, and see if I can get my DG to eat a bit of peas. I also heard that Daphnia wood have the same effect as peas. I have some frozen Daphnia.
    Thanks again,
    Simba 1994-2013 RIP

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