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  1. Unhappy Ammonia & algae problem.....

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    Hey gang,
    I was hoping some of you could offer up advice on the following problem. I have a 20 gallon fresh water community tank that has been established for about 18 months now. A few months back, after Hurricane Sandy, I lost a few fish, we lost power during the storm for about 4 days, and I could not save everyone. Since then I have had high ammonia levels, and nothing I do seems to bring them down. I currently have 3 fish, 2 angels & 1 male betta. I feed them about every three days, just enough to eat in about 1 minute,no waste. I also seem to have an algae problem, gravel,plants & cave have all started turning green. I have cleaned the tank, vaccumed the gravel, taken out and washed plants & cave,etc. It has come back, I do a water change about once a week, about 70 % at a time, yet it has come back. I have tried a few times to add fish, a cory, 2 algae eaters, 2 zebra danios, all at different times, and all have perished in a few days. Please help me if you can, I am desperate to resolve this situation. Thanks,Chris.

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    Angels aren't the best choice for a 20 gallon I'd say.

    Thinking out loud:
    What's your filter maintenance like? Have you tested your tapwater? Can there be anything decomposing in there that you've missed?

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    The Angel seem happy, they have plenty of room, and get along with others. I know it's not the ideal enviorment for them, but my Son wanted them, and I caved. I am pretty good with staying on top of the tank, so nothing decomposing, I don't thinks it's the tap water, as I stated, the tank was fine for more than a year. I don't know why the ammonia would continue to be so high, and I imagine the algae may be due to not having enough fish life to balance it out, although I may certainly be off with that assesment.

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    No, your theory about the number of fish would only apply if you suddenly increased it.

    Do test your tapwater, it's not constant and can change.

    What is your filtration and your filter maintenance like?

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    I have the standard tetra whisper (20G) that came with the tank. I cleaned out the whole filter a couple of months back, and change the charcoal a few days after it the strip turns completely red.

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    Hope someone is familiar with those things. Are you aware of the concept of the nitrogen cycle? I suspect part of your problems just might be due to the fact that you're replacing too much media and thereby resetting the cycle.

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