Hey guys, just got a 55G tank off someone so I decided to set it up for saltwater. There were a bunch of good porous rocks in the tank so I rinsed them off good and put them in there along with some coral skeletons. I used sand as the substate and filled it with saltwater (took 45 gallons). I have a power filter rated for 70 gallons (300 gph) and I have a power head that pumps 170 gph. I have all the pumps running but haven't put any animals in it yet. So, I have a ton of questions, but here are the most pressing ones:

1. This rock that i put in there, will it become live rock? I read the articles on cycling and curing, but I'm still confused, do i need to put something in the tank to start the growth process on the rock?

2. Is my water circulation okay? I was trying to overkill it in order to be safe. I'm used to freshwater tanks and I'm guessing saltwater needs more oxygen? Another silly question is one my power head, i can have it circulate outside air our just water. It's alot quieter if i have it just circulated water, but I'm guessing i need to have it circulate air to do any good, right?

3. How long should I let the tank circulate with just the now dead rocks? I've heard everyone from a few days to 8 weeks. Should i wait for something to start growing on the rock? Also what's the first think i need to throw in? I've heard crabs, damsels, and some other stuff, but i'm not sure what to go with.

Thanks a bunch in advance!