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  1. Default Bloodfin Tetras very aggressive

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    I have a 25 gal tank I'm desperately trying to recover to a natural state. I started with fish by adopting a tank from a friend who did no research (put a Ghost Knife fish in with guppies, tetras was 8 in when I finally found him a new home). Fish have either been eaten by said Ghost or been sold to LFS. The tank has had 2 Bloodfin tetras and a Leopard Cory for about 2 months now. Yesterday I tried to add a school of 9 neon tetras, with 3 cherry shrimp to keep down the algae from my live plants. I planned on adding enough Bloodfins to make a school next week, when the LFS received a shipment. Now I discover that overnight my shrimp have disappeared, 3 deaths of my neons, 2 overnight, and 1 sometime this morning. The neons are missing gill flaps, despite having arrived perfectly fine. My parameters are all fine, and I had performed the routine water change the day before adding the neons. The 6th neon is now missing 1 gill flap, and is swimming away from the school of now 5 neons. The Bloodfins are darting around the tank, with one in particular appearing to chase his mate around the tank. I now greatly suspect the Bloodfins hunted down my shrimp, despite lots of hiding spaces, and a previous lack of interest in live food.

    Frankly, I'm looking for advice to see whether or not I have to give up my only remaining fish from the original bunch. I really like the Bloodfins, but if the two have become too aggressive for other fish, I'd rather sell them and have a proper tank setup. I have never had problems with them munching on buddies before, and even my slow moving Cory cat has never had a problem.

    Any advice would be great, Thanks!

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    Bloodfins can be a very active outgoing fish but I've never had them behave like yours. There is of course a first time for anything. Maybe upping the school like you said would curb this behavior. If your not sure; trade them in.
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    +1 to steeler,

    before you blame the tetra's.
    i'd be cautious of your water quality causing issues.

    from the sound of the tank prior-it was in very rough condition. getting a tank to stable out doesn't happen overnight and can take months.
    param's and quality can swing very fast in an non-established and small tank.

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    My bloodfins never behaved that way either [I have a dozen or so]. Mine never bothered Harlequin Rasboras.

    I would have upped them to a proper school first so they could entertain each other as you added stock.

    As mentioned you can either up their numbers and see if that settles them down [allegedly] or return them. I would simply add more if you like them. More cover in the tank might not hurt to break it up a bit - IF that is an issue.
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    Bloodfin tetras are not predators and I've never known them to behave as you suspect.
    I think mizzoutank has made a good point - that may well be the cause for your loss of fish.

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    Thanks for the ideas! I hate to suspect my blood fins as well, since they leave my Cory alone. He is at least 3 times as large as the new neons. I also had a lucky find of 1 surviving cherry shrimp.

    i know we'll about it taking months. I took over the tank early last November. It had tendrils of algae that made it look like kelp beds. There were 4 species of tetras, each with only 2 members. I did not have the opportunity to recycle the tank, but in the end I ended up selling 15 fish, representing 6 species. My tank is now well cycled, with live plants and bacteria. These blood fins are the only representatives left from the original tank.

    Can dangerous parameters cause just gill covers to fall off, while leaving no other discernible issues? Everyone is swimming fine, acting normally, and eating happily.

    The Bloodfins now appear to be hanging nicely, even appear to be joining the loose school occasionally.
    Just to be on the safe side I did a partial water change today again, and I'll be watching carefully.
    Last edited by NaturalSwimmer; 04-30-2013 at 12:47 AM.

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    I've never seen bloodfins be aggressive like you describe. With only two of them however I could see them trying to socialize with the neons and things not going well as bloodfins are much bigger and much more active then neons.
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    It would have to be very, very bad water to cause lost gill flaps overnight. Dead fish yes, missing bits... overnight... I don't believe it.

    Bloodfins, like most tetras, will act differently if there's just two instead of a decent group.

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    Agree you either need a larger school or get rid of the two that you do have. I also do not think you sustained all this damage overnight due to water conditions. I've heard of very aggressive Black Skirts, as well, when not stocked in large enough numbers. I also saw with my own eyes one black skirt swimming around with a neon in his mouth. Took him hours to swallow it but swallow it he did.

  10. Default

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    I found another dead neon this morning. No missing gill flaps, nothing eaten. But the three fish (2 bloodfins and the Cory) are perfectly fine. I keep hearing about neons being super finicky, could be it a combination of bloodfins taste testing and neon stress? It seems that if the water was that bad, the other fish would be acting strange as well.
    I saved the dead one from this morning, and I will be taking him into the LFS I bought them from, and asking for a full water test.

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