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Thread: Our first tank.

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    Hello there. This is my Fiance and I's first fish tank.

    We are total beginners, but my mother has a tank. This is a 35 gallon tank, with water heater, waterfall pump (is that what its called?), the under the gravel type of filter with 2 pumps hooked up to it. We have 25lbs of black gravel (clearance at walmart @ 2.00 per 5lb bag) and also 5-6 bags of the multicolor fluorescent gravel which I absolutely love as I didn't know it even existed.

    We got the tank from a friend what has since gotten a bigger tank. The back was mirrored but had some peeling off. We got the tank, cleaned it very well with water only. Decided to trash the gravel and start fresh. I thought "well if the mirror is peeling why don't we just peel it the whole way off". Tried it, failed. Then found out that if we use a razor it worked. Then we removed the copper/silver with muriatic acid. Perfectly clear glass now. We made sure not to get any on the glue. Again cleaned the tank with water only/sponge. It came with 2 lights for the hood. The correct size one had a worn out switch. The tiny edison base one I took the switch from and replaced the switch in the correct light. The power strip which has a breaker in it needed a new power cord and cleaned up. Replaced the cord (soldered inside w/shrink just like the switch). I mean why buy a new power strip just because of a bad cord..

    We then took it home, did the gravel, filled it up with tap water (Friday Night we filled it). NO fish yet. Then we took a water sample to the best local pet shop Saturday. pH of 7.2 they said was good, Ammonia level 1.0. We were told not to put any fish in but then had to put "Novaqua water conditioner" in, half a bottle. And then shortly after add a bottle of the Tetra Safe Start. They said we could bring the sample back shortly after that so we let it settle about an hour. Went back. Ammonia level still the same. But the lady at the store gave us a "Nerite Snail" to help balance the tank a little quicker, and to bring a new sample back after 3 days.

    Decided to get a Goldfish because we wouldn't be able to go back until at least the weekend and spent all this time preparing - lol. We also had an algae eater of some kind that we had stored in my mother's fish tank temporarily. We put the snail, algae eater and goldfish in our new tank. (I think it was called a Fancy tail or something?) We had also put in the aquarium salt for freshwater tanks before putting the fish in.

    Here's the goldfish. I named it Hope for I hope it is going to be okay in here:

    Currently the goldfish is living at 72 degrees, lots of bubbles for him. He swims around and seems healthy. No bad signs but he likes to hang out in the one corner mostly. When we can't see him thats where he usually is. Algae eater is always hiding under the decoration at the left. I had been reading at random sites on google that goldfish like colder like pretty much under 70. We want a tropical community tank, and have heard bad about mixing tropical with this goldfish. This is where I am lost. HELP!

    Edit: Just remembered - friday night we added a chemical from walmart that only removes chlorine and not chloramine (didn't know about the chloramine at the time).
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