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  1. Default Tank Mates for an Electric Blue Jack Dempsey - 75 Gallon tank

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    Hello Everyone!

    I was Hoping that someone could give me some ideas for tank mates for an Electric Blue Jack Dempsey (Male) in a 75 gallon tank. He is about 4" and is currently in a 90 gallon with an 8" regular Jack (Male), 5-6" male convit, 6" African Featherfin Catfish, and 5 Tiger Barbs (about 2.5-3"). I'm Planning on re-homing the Convict due to aggression from the regular Jack, who currently ignores the EBJD, but I want to move the EBJD first so he dosn't get the brunt of the aggression.

    Here are some of the options I have right now (this list is for options only and not what I plan to put in):

    Angel fish (heard they might be a good candidate)
    School of Tiger Barbs
    Green Terror (heard of people keeping these with EBJDs, but I'm not convinced they are a good match)
    Catfish (any type)

    Open to suggestions, but would like to keep it to Central/South American Cichlids. Ideally I would like to have the EBJD and maybe 1 or 2 more cichlids

    Thanks and I look forward to all the suggestions!

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    If you're looking at a 75 gallon I would steer clear of anything else that will get over 6 or 7 inches. A firemouth would be a good choice. Honduran Red Points are awesome and I think would make a great match. You could conceivably get away with one of each with the EBJD. Maybe a school of rainbow cichlids with the EBJD as they stay at or under 4", you could do with about 5 of those guys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stalefish83 View Post
    If you're looking at a 75 gallon I would steer clear of anything else that will get over 6 or 7 inches.
    Some may call this a little conservative... (and they may be right)
    Last edited by stalefish83; 09-25-2014 at 09:52 PM.

  4. Default

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    Thanks for the reply Stalefish. The Firemouth is on the top of my list, but I think the Honduran Red Points look a little too much like Convicts (the females even have the same red bellies) to me. Is there any other medium sized Cichlids that could work? What about the Angels or Festivum? Thanks!

  5. Default

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    I would think you could put some nics in. Or maby I'm wrong

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    Nics are another option. Once they color up they are amazing!

    I've never had any experience with angels, but I've done a lot of research on American cichlids, have looked at a lot of tanks and I have never seen anyone mix angels and jacks. It seems like an odd pairing to me, I don't think angels would survive a jack.

    I can't really speak for festivum's either, but they may fair better than angels. Someone else may have chime in on that.

    HRPs are the same genus as convicts, but they're generally not as mean (each fish has his own temperament, of course).

    If FM's are on the top of your list you should look at some different thoricthys fish, like the eliotti (T. eliotti)
    Last edited by stalefish83; 09-26-2014 at 10:33 PM.

  7. Default

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    Wow the Eliotti looks awesome! I was at petco yesterday and the had an electric blue acara. Would one of these work?

  8. Default

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    image.jpgScientific Name: Hypsophrys nicaraguensis

    Pronunciation: hp-sf-rz nk--r-gwn-ss

    Common Name(s): 'Nic', Macaw Cichlid

    Geo. Origin: Nicaragua

    Diet: Omnivore

    Gender Differences: Dimorphic

    Breeding: Substrate Spawner

    Temperament: Mildly Aggressive

    Conspecific Temperament: Aggressive

    Maximum Size: 10"

    Temperature: 76 - 80F

    pH: 7.4 - 8.4

    Water Hardness: Hard

    Difficulty: 2

    Photo Credit: Kostas Mixalop


    Females are much smaller, growing to barely 2/3'rd's the size of adult males. This species is considered one of the most popular New World cichlids kept in the aquarium today. A true 'Classic'! It's reliable and peaceful disposition, combined with an outrageously bright coloration will insure this cichlid remains a favorite with Cichlid-Keepers everywhere.
    Last edited by Legion; 09-27-2014 at 04:24 PM.

  9. Default

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    How fast do Nics grow? They seem a little on the large side. Beautiful fish though

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    Wow. That is a beautiful fish!

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