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  1. Default What is wrong with my Oscar?

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    He has just been at the bottom floating diagonally and he isn't moving around much and not eating. I just noticed it yesterday and I don't wanna lose em.
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  2. Default

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    Here is a picture it's all turned around sorry
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  3. #3


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    Tank Size, maintenance Schedule, Tankmates, water parameters would be of help.

  4. Default

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    55 gallons, 2 jack dempsey, 2 angel fish and a pleco only 2 are 4in. Ammonia is at about 1 ppm. Nitrite and rates are 0. 25%-40% water change every 2 days. There are probably still traces of ich which I'm still treating. I'm guessing it's the tank mates but I'm getting a 120g soon so it will be plenty big for full growth. But idk what to do until then the tank is not cycled
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    Why is the tank not cycled? Did you just add all the fish without knowing about cycling, or was it the ich medication that killed off bacteria? Either way, you'd want to be doing daily big water changes to keep ammonia under 0.25 ppm.

  6. Default

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    Well the tank is about a month old and yes the bone headed me impulse bought fish after fish not knowing anything about the care needed. I did a 30% water change earlier today would it put to much stress on them if I did another one?
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  7. #7


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    i would proceed with the water change. it would stress the fish to a degree, but certainly less tha the high ammonia concentration.

  8. #8


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    It'll be ok Zfro we can talk you through it. Do a 75% water change to get that ammonia to .25.

    What method are you using to treat ich? That could also be contributing to problems. Are any other fish acting strangely?
    120 gallon FW bowfront in progress

  9. Default

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    I just finished about a 60% and it stayed the same so I tested the tap water and it's at about 1ppm so it's the water I'm using. What do I do now? :(
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  10. Default

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    uploadfromtaptalk1393389144520.jpguploadfromtaptalk1393389180237.jpg this is the ich treatment I'm using it has malachite green
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