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Thread: Sick Betta?

  1. Default Sick Betta?

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    Mom's betta, in 5 gal tank with live plants and driftwood and black plant sand. All peremeters are excellant.
    For last 2 mo betta has been only laying on the bottom of the tank and never comes up for food. Many times thought dead but when you come near him he'll finally swim away only to go back to spot. Not lying as normal fish would or even sick betta (going on nose) ... he is lying FLAT on his side as if dead.

    Bright red and is starting to lose color. No telling how old he is. At least over a yr.

    Have even tried throwing 2 guppies in just to see if he was bored. He didn't even blink at them so we put them back in original tank for them.

    Usually I can figure out what i wrong but not on this one.
    Define busy ~
    55 gal freashwater
    29 gal fresh
    3 cats, 1 dog and 3 kids.

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    What is the temperature of the tank? What is your maintenance schedule?

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    76 F and 10-15% each week. Use Prime . Filter is for up to 10 gal
    Define busy ~
    55 gal freashwater
    29 gal fresh
    3 cats, 1 dog and 3 kids.

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    have you tried increasing water changes and most importantly, increase the temperature?
    bettas come from shallow, tropical swamps that are very very warm. they should be kept in
    warmer than average water and if kept at typical community aquarium temperatures, or lower, may become sluggish and get lots of various health issues.
    gradually adjust your heater to 82 F over a few days and see what happens. make sure that when you check tank temperature, look at a thermometer instead of the heater thermostat as it frequently is miscalibrated
    and misrepresents temp.

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    Possibly that's it, but there is no heater in tank at time as it holds that temp all yr long (accourding to mom) with no change and has always been like that. Plus this betta did come from a fish store in a cup so I'm sure he's used to lower. I'll suggest it but its hard to find a safe heater for less then 10 gal tank over here. He was in a community a while back till the him and other fish started fighting and he was moved to own tank for his safety. She does have a thermometer in tank and we know all to well about heaters :-) Thanks for the tips. Anything else will be welcomed as well.
    BTW I should add she has another betta in community at SAME temp WITH heater and this fish is quite active. Sluggish doesn't even describe the red one, I've never seen a live fish lay on its side smooshed into the sand like this one does. I kid you not, he is almost smooshed into sand at times. I've been watching him when I'm here and he NEVER moves.

    And she has done extra WC at times and nothing changed. Sometimes she does more or less -- my mom is 64 with 3 tanks she cares for on her own so I'd say she's doing pretty well. And we've raised Betta's for over 15 yrs and never had this come up.... bettas were our first fish and we used to keep one in a vase before knowing any better... even took them on road with us once or twice because no one was around to care for them. lol So we know bettas usually ...
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    Define busy ~
    55 gal freashwater
    29 gal fresh
    3 cats, 1 dog and 3 kids.

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    yeah, 76 F isnt all that bad, although it certainly isn't the ideal temperature. maybe the average betta(aka all the others) were able to adapt but this one is a particulary sensitive one. that is, if temperature is the issue.
    bettas in little cups in the fish store? well, those poor fish aren't pale, thin and listless for no reason...

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    Doesn't matter where the Betta came from, most come from a cup. The little man should have a heater, one that can be raised and lowered, not one set to a specific temp. Tank should be kept between 80-82 degrees. A cold Betta is an unhappy Betta, and prone to lethargy and illness. As someone also suggested, up the water changes, and take out a bit more with each change. On my Betta tanks, they are changed twice a week, at 50%. Though Betta's natural habitat is rice paddies, its amazing how pristine they like their water. Likely, because the Betta's we have are bred for beauty, and not the natural ones actually found in the rice paddies.
    2 10 gallon tanks, 1 20 gallon tank, 1 Fluval Edge, 1 29 gallon tank, and one backyard pond.

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    I agree with advice offered - try and up the temp and increase the water changes to 50% once a week to see if it helps - all you can do is try and see if the fish continues to lie on its side or decides it wants to swim at some point.

    Has it been eating?

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