Im having problems with my HOB filter i that im using its been about month now since i 1st started using them n i noticed the water was flowing over them rather threw them so i cleaned them out they look fine still just a little bit of brown gunk but otherwise i see no problems with them so i stuck it back n it is still flowing over it rather then threw it Also it starts making a loud clanking nose like its missing too i checked into everything that isn`t sealed in its all where its so post to be.So im thinking about getting a different filter for my tank like a canister one? can anyone recommend me a Canister that would work good for a 56 Gallon Tank? i shop with amazon and Petsmart for my good so if u can add a link in too it would be helpful Also i don`t use a Air pump for my tank but rather water fall from the Hob Filters and live plants for the fish is there anything extra i can add to Canister to make me not need a Air Pump still or should i have to look into one?