Hi, I'm Wyki and I'm new to the forum and well this is my first pleco. I've had chinese algae eaters before both normal colors and in the albino form. So after a while, more like 2 years I decided to buy a pleco for a new tank that I have had for a while. Been looking at alot of plecos, but did not decide on which to get. The LFS I used to buy my fish from closed down, he used to get me a lot of different fish(DragonGoby,African butterfly fish,Blue lobster etc..) that I cant get at Petsmart or anything like that. When I decided to speak to him to see if he could get me a zebra pleco because he used to tell me about different plecos that he could get, but at the time I wasnt interested, anywho So I bought one at petsmart the other day, the guy told me it was a chocolate pleco, but I've seen other "chocolate plecos" that look more like if its an Albino pleco. So.. what kind of pleco is this? Based on what I've read it seams like a rhino pleco, but I havent been able to count its rays on its dorsal. Sorry for the long write, hope to hear/read from you guys soon. Thanks.