Hi, I ended up getting a breeding pair out of random discus from a LFS. I never intended on breeding discus, I just wanted them for their beauty. However, I kind of feel bad because their eggs never hatch. I've tried reading up about their breeding process and tried doing everything to make it a success but nothing is working. I tried softening the water since I read if its too hard the eggs may harden up before they can hatch. I also read about the possibility of two females trying to breed. The two discus are laying eggs sometimes twice a week. One lays them and the other dances around them once the female is done. The eggs turn a darkish orange color? I'm not sure what color they are supposed to turn if fertile. After roughly two days the eggs disappear and the would be parent return to normal for a day or two then go at it again. Can anyone please help me figure these guys out? I do weekly 10% water changes and the water quality is great. I run a canister filter and a separate UV filter and the water runs between 84-86 degrees.