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    Another thing. I've purchased my fish from lower end stores *caughwalmartcaugh* because they don't seem to give a hoot and don't treat them when they need to be treated (parasites and such). I have also purchased Fiddler crabs from there because they usually die within a couple of weeks after arriving (my best guess is lack of "good" conditions -- I've tried keeping them as well, but they only seem to live a few months). So maybe it partially has to do with extremely low end fish (high breeding, possible interbreeding, genetic problems, etc) and me being a Molly novice is contributing to their death?

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    Fiddler crabs need proper land areas and plenty of things to snack on (both in the water and on land). Were you keeping them in the appropriate environment?
    "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." Carl Sagan
    ~ My 350 Litre Tank Journal ~

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    Yes. Little shrimp, blood worms, various veggies, water and land, hiding and climbing places, filter for their water... The last couple I had got these really weird black spots on them (never happened before) and they seemed like cavities in human teeth. Little black/dark divots that were maybe a little bigger than pinprick size. After they died, that's when I wanted to try Mollies.

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    And I knew I had things somewhat down when one female was carrying eggs (only had 3 at a time - one male, two females).

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    Oook..... So maybe a couple of days after the die off incident, I started having some major skin issues.... I know this is a fish forum, but just figured to bring it up because having my hands in a tank, dealing with chemicals, water, etc, I figured I'd ask/bring up. My tank is in a need of a water change, but I've had a major skin reaction to something. I've eliminated all food/soap possibilities and now it's down to only chemical/major fish die off/food. I've only fed them since the last major water change in hopes something would magically happen to my skin. :/ Is it possible that I could have picked up a fungal/bacterial infection? It reminds me of the time I decided to go swimming when there were major amounts of alewife die off when I was younger (I ended up with a fungal infection)........

    Yes, I do wash my hand off after dealing with fish stuff.

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    The curved spine and a human reaction. ... has fish tbc been considered?

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    Quote Originally Posted by talldutchie View Post
    The curved spine and a human reaction. ... has fish tbc been considered?
    Eek, my first thought was TB as well.
    "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." Carl Sagan
    ~ My 350 Litre Tank Journal ~

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    The whole skin thing is just horribly itchy skin, from the top of my head to my knees (yeah, what an odd place to stop). A couple of days ago, hives started on the palms of my hands and that is when I haven't touched the tank (after a shower and 12+ hours of no contact). I've also had a "pre-existing" case of eczema and it just seemed as though this has made it worse.

    How bad is this fish TB thing? I still have fish alive that seem to be unaffected. Did I need to see a doctor like weeks ago?

    Ugh. This hasn't happened before. :(

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    I'd definitely see a doc to be safe. TB is not something you want to misjudge.
    "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." Carl Sagan
    ~ My 350 Litre Tank Journal ~

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    Yeah, no kidding.

    But seriously thank you. I guess it was a good idea after all to bring up the skin issues. I guess I learn something every day. :)

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