Just got my new (to me) , gently used, food grade 8 gallon open top drum in the mail. It has a plastic lid with O ring gasket and a metal clamp ring to seal it up. This little jewel only cost me 12.50 on Ebay plus the shipping. I don't have all of the pvc fittings yet, But I figured I would start a work log (journal) on what I was doing and share with the good citizens of our community. I will certainly look forward to reading comments and suggestions as it goes along, this will take a little time to complete as I need to buy materials here and there as I can afford them, so hang in there with me. Got the time, the 150 is cycling. But here are a few pics to get us going for now.

little dude and big daddy (55 gallons) for size comparison.

So, basically I am going to make 2 holes in the lid #1) in the center which is going to be the 3/4" feed tube running to the bottom into a void where a uniform pocket of water will develop. As it fills it will fluidize the media. #2) off to the side of the inlet. When it fills up, the water pressure will displace the water and force it out of this 2nd hole and up the return line. I'm sure many people here know how a PhosBan reactor works and is setup. In effect this will be a huge reactor filled with floss, pads, bio-media and activated carbon.