So a little over a weeks ago, I bought some more spotted blue eye rainbows (Pseudomugil gertrudae) And asked the netter to aim for more females than males. Which he did alright on that part... but I ended up with one fish I'm fairly certain is not a gertrudae, although it does resemble a rainbowfish in general shape, and so I wasn't so certain when I first added her/him that it was an oddball.

I haven't been able to snap a good picture yet, but what is my major clue is that the coloration of this fish is not an all over yellow with spots, he's split color across his center axis like a boesmani rainbow would be. Front half is pale silverish and back half is darker like a purple or smokey blue in nature. His pectoral fins are very yellow and his tail does appear to have a yellow line at both the top and bottom edge.

So... I've been looking and I've not found one that looks likely as yet... .and I'm wondering if anyone has ideas, OR my other thought would be that I ended up with a very young bosemani fry perhaps... in which case if you have any photos to recommend of said specie at about the ~1-1.5 inch size to compare that would be great too.