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    Exactly, you can never have enough 'spares' in this hobby, especially with the pandemic known as MTS ;)

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    What shrimp you guys think I should do. I already have the red cherrys

    My water pH is 7.6, I wanted crystal shrimp, but with how much they cost I would like to wait until I am more practiced.

    My goal is to sell shrimp, so its a - whats the easiest to raise but sells for the most type thought here... thats why I'm thinking the bright colors


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    For sponge filters I get them on ebay for around $2-$3 each. I like the ones that suction cup to the side of the glass. In my shrimp tanks the sponge filters are the only source of filtration. For substrate I just use whatever I have or can get on a budget. Home depot or similar stores have different types of small gravel or sand that works fie. I try not to use heaters unless absolutely necessary. Red cherry shrimp have a fairly wide temperature range, so I just keep them at room temperature for the most part. For sponge filter, 10g tank and gravel/sand doable for around $30ish I think. You could buy a 10g with a hood and light sometimes petsmart or petco has them on sale for $25ish, then all you would need is some gravel and the sponge filter.

    Oh for the air pump remember to use a one way valve when you hook up the sponge filter if you use one. If the air pump stops working due to power failure or some other reason, the water can siphon into the air tube and out of the tank, one way valve can help avoid that.

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    Kinda my thoughts:
    Tank - $10 ea
    Glass top - $15 ea
    Lights - Already own
    Filter - $4 (sponge) $20 for AQ20
    Airpump - Already own
    Substrate - trying to find black sand ideally

    I wanna have something for substrate that the colors of the shrimp will pop, my cherries are on a redish substrate and its tough to see how many I actually have lol

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    I've used them before, they work great, I just removed the directional nozzle on the top because it was making too much noise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hardy85 View Post
    Yes. Actually it's funny that you posted that auction. I believe I ordered from that same item from that person just a few days ago, it is suppose to arrive today or tomorrow. I've used these sponge filters before and they work well on small tanks. I'll post a picture of them when they arrive.

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    A buddy of mine that breeds crystals told me to go to, they have the hydros. My order from Kens is looking like this:
    4 hydro #2's (meant for 20g each, so i'll have 40g worth of filtration per tank)
    1 Small net
    2 50w jager heaters (winter my house stays in 60's and summer it varies, so just looking for a constant temp controller)
    then tossing on some catfish sticks, veg sticks, and replacement sponges just to get price above $75 - doing this gets free shipping, saving me $12 (aka would be about same price without this stuff)

    Petco will be 2 - 10g tanks, glass lids, glass thermometer - $50

    Then last thing I need is substrate, I could pay $40 for 30lbs of flourite black sand, or $15 for 20lbs of petco black sand (thoughts?). I don't plan to have the substrate very deep, maybe 1-1.5"

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    Just grabbed two glass lids, two thermometers, and a very nice piece of driftwood (12" long x 5" at widest point) for $40

    Need to grab the tanks tonight, and most likely placing and order through kensfish

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    $115 order placed with Ken's fish
    4 Sponge Filters (w/ 4 extra sponges)
    1 small net
    2 50W Jager heaters
    30lbs Seachum Flourite - Black Sand (really dark grey, but I know that lol)
    and some misc food

    Picking up 2 10g tanks tonight

    Total set up cost, not counting the lights and air pump since I had them, will be $180 grand total

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