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  1. Default Mojosodope's Discus Grow Out 65G

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    Hey guys, as most of you know I've been keeping Discus in my 150G until recently when I made the decision to create another tank specifically for growing out a new batch of Discus.

    I will be using this Journal to track my progress with this tank build and of course, the progress of my future Discus in this tank. I live in Trinidad and I am not too pleased with the quality available here in terms of Discus, not to mention the price. With these two reasons in mind I have decided to import 8-12 specimens from most likely Kenny's Discus to grow out. I will be selling a couple to help ease the cost and to better accommodate the remainder in the 65G tank.

    I have already purchased the tank which measures 48''x18''18'' and I hope to have it filled with Discus by the end of May. The tank will be kept at 85-86 degrees and will receive at least 1 55G water change daily (85%). I will purchase a 55G barrel in which the water will be aged and heated to that temperature of the main tank and I hope to automate this process.

    I will not be updating this thread as frequently as my Endangered Species 150G Journal but that will improve as the tank's progress moves on and I have more time from class. Thanks for taking the time to read my journal and I hope you enjoy this one once I've started it and if you'd like, please take a minute to follow the evolution of my other tank. Thank you.

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    Looking forward to seeing your new grow-out tank, Mojo.

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    BTW, You can't ask for a better discus supplier than Kenny.
    He's consistently imported splendid, healthy fish from Forrest in Malasia. IMO he's definitely one of the best - but I didn't know he would also ship as far away as Trinidad - another plus for Kenny -and good for you !
    I lived in Grenada for several years, and would not ever have thought that Kenny would ship out my way at the time.

  4. Default

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    Thanks man. Yeah I completely agree with Kenny being one of if not the best supplier of discus on this side of the world. I've spoken to him multiple times, really nice and knowledgeable guy.

    He doesn't ship to Trinidad tho so I will be getting a transshiper in Miami to handle that. Costs quite a bit but an imported (if you can find one) ,3inch Discus can go upwards of $180USD here depending on the strain so it's worth it.

    And welcome to the forum man, great to see another discus lover on here.

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    Thanks for the welcome - this forum seemed like a very good venue for fairly strong interest in discus, and I've already read quite a few posts that indicate there are not only a good number of discus lovers among the membership, but some knowledgeable ones too.

    I belong to 7 other forums though, but have never seen your username or avatar on any of them - have you checked out - there's a ton of good info there, although some of the members, at times, seem to be too strictly one-dimensional and inflexible in their opinions when it comes to discus-keeping.
    I have also found the planted tank forum ( to be very interesting, with many active, knowledgeable members.
    Anyway, good to know you, and thanks for your comments in my early posts.

  6. Default

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    I completely agree, discus keeping has evolved immensely since most of the books detailing their care were written. Like all other fish, that is needed is the proper research, dedication, and patience, and well of course, money lol.

    I'm actually on and simplydiscus under the same username but I don't post at all really, I'm more of an active member on this site mainly as I'm a college student and I don't have a lot of free time. Also this website really does have the proper name, before long you'll notice the members on here are much like a real community, pretty much the reason I prefer to post on this forum mainly.

    And same here man, good to know you also, no problem and I'm glad to have your added expertise on the forum.

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    Northeast Pennsylvania

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    Mojo, really looking forward to your journal, will be subscribing!

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    Aug 2010
    Jacksonville, FL

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    As always Mojo, you have my attention. I cannot do anything more than agree with your comments on TPT and Simply. I know mods at simply personally and they even have a strong distain for the bad apples. Here it seems the most issues we have are a slight disagreement that both sides get taken away in. At the end of the day I can consider most everyone here a great fish keeper at the core of all of it and thats why I have been here so long. I have become personal friends with a lot of people here and hope to continue to expand that base of friends as time goes by.

    What is your next project grow out going to be Mojo? I really am wanting a Rafalesia pair here soon.

  9. Default

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    Thanks a lot Sandz, I really appreciate your compliments and I'm like to know someone on here with a similar mindset on getting things done.

    Rafalesias are really nice and if you get them, breed them, and ship some my way lol. When I first saw the thick line red turk, I wanted them, all of them, but then I saw the price. I would love to have a breeding pair of them.

    See post #13

    As for the future stocklist of this, I was initially thinking a mix of golden lollipops and white angels, maybe a 6 of each. The funny thing is when I spoke to Kenny and told him what I wanted, he said he actually keeps them in that combination, they just contrast each other perfectly.

    So that is one of my possible purchase orders, others include me settling for a group of regular red line turks which are almost half the cost of the thick lines, leopard snakeskins or whatever catches my eye. Kenny's fish never disappoint.

  10. Default

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    So a little progress, I finally got a freight forwarder that will handle most of the work.

    I'm thinking about 4 white angels and 4 golden lollipops, they're all around 2.5-3 inches, an alternative will be 10 blue diamonds around 3 inches.

    The stand for the tank is going to be building this week and I'm debating on whether or not I should drill for ease of draining and refilling as I'm going to be doing daily w.cs, ah excitement finally getting more Discus :D

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