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    Still think that Arro needs his own tank though, never seen one that nice in a long time.


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    Thanks. Aro was by itself in a 55 for some time and was "lonely". Now with neighbors it eats better, I guess competition work to my advantage. I can show u a 450g tank in Russia with 24" Aro along with 12"+ central and South American cichlids, stingrays, 20"+ Red Tail Cat and 21"+ Tiger Shovelnose Cat. No fights, everyone is coexisting just fine.

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    Ya, 12" fish aren't conducive to having plants, for sure. You could probably have some floating plants if you really wanted them but that would depend on the flow and with all those fish, you probably have plenty. Tank looks good and will began to look even better. Might be time for a hike down to the river and dig some bogwood out from the water. Buying enough wood for that tank would cost a small fortune.

    Hope you plan on keeping the 110. I think you might be needing it. Especially when spawning rears it's ugly head. Good luck.

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    Thanks Lady.
    I bought some driftwood for the tank, not as large as I wanted but pretty good size and nice shape. Put some more stones. Finally changed a ballast in one of the lights.


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    I made some stocking changes. 4 out of 6 smaller oscars were sold, a 12" spotted gar was aquired. I wanted a gar since I had to give one up in the past because of lack of sufficient tank size. He's a very nice guy, active swimmer for most of the day, other times he just rests on the sand bottom.
    Stocking list:
    2 Tiger Oscars 6"
    2 Tiger Oscars 10" Pair
    1 Albino Red Oscar 10"
    2 Chocolate Cichlids 4", 5"
    2 Jaguar Cichlids 4"
    1 Green Terror 6"
    3 Flower Horns 5", 6", 6"
    1 Pike Cichlid 5"
    1 Silver Arowana 14"
    1 Raphael Catfish 5"
    1 Tiger Shovelnose Catfish 6"
    1 Spotted Gar 12"

    Last edited by gamelovers11223; 05-18-2013 at 02:41 PM.

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    I am no pro on monster fish like these but a few comments

    1. Think you may have a few too many oscars (even after you sold a few) i think you should move at least 1 of the pairs somewhere else, not sure how they act during spawning (risk to other fish)
    2. The gar won't bother the aro right?
    3. Please... please. please hide the lighted bubble things, put them in the corners behind something like a rock, the bubbles are fine, I just have never been huge on the random led colors
    4. Amazing looking aro

    Personally when it comes to driftwood, I would just try for a pile in the middle, that goes about halfway up the tank, and then a few more small pieces scattered, almost like a submerged stump

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    1. Two smaller oscars are going to be sold soon. Just big O's will be left. Spawning games are completely between the getting ready to breed pair. No other fish is being attacked.
    2. Gars are predators but they are very tame. Mine is no different, does not bother any fish big enough to fit in its mouth.
    3. Decor is not done, I want to remove all stones but one or two and do driftwood. Haven't found a nice piece yet. Bubblers will be rearranged/hidden as driftwood search will be completed.
    4. Thank you. It was a foot long when I got her, now it's at 14"+ growing fast and eating like a beast.

    I have changes in livestock:
    My Tiger Shovelnose Cat is gone :( I guess it was an accident, found him wrapped around a wave maker barely breathing. Got him into a hospital tank but did not make it. It was 6"+
    I got a gorgeous Knife fish, almost 18".
    Another addition is an 8" Purple Rose Queen. Gorgeous, bright orange color, very calm speciment - bothers no one.

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    It seems like you go through your fish and have the means to re-home them when necessary. So even though I would say you are stocked full, it does not seem as if anyone will be in there permanently anyway. The knife is very nice, but like your aro, will outgrow the tank soon. I am sure you realize that. The rose queen is one of the nicest I have seen. They can be very vicious though. Don't be surprised if it starts to turn on your other fish. I like your tank though. Very cool.

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    Thanks for the kind words.
    I do business with a manager at my local Petland, I grow fish and sell it back to him for store credit or trade for other fish I like. He knows my fish is healthy and look good. He usually sells my fish quickly and customers are happy to come back to his store.
    Before I bought that purple rose, I watched it for some time at the store, I also asked a store manager about it and he confirmed my assumption as to this rose is nice and calm, plus it's a female. There is a possibility it breeding with my golden flowerhorn.
    Knife is almost fully grown, my tank has enough room for it and then some. Aro will take at least a couple of years to get to two feet so I got time.

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    I guess that is not a clown knife. What kind is it? It's very cool.

    If you want your hybrid cichlids to breed, you may want to give them their own tank.

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