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  1. Default BETTA FISH HELP! ( owners of 30 gallon tanks )

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    I have a 30 gallon fish tank with gravel, heater, and filter. So far i have no fish in them becuz of the cycle. So i would like to know what i can put inside this tank with a betta? Also, i would like a community tank that is freshwater. Finally, what i was thinking for this tank is

    1 male betta
    3 cory cats
    8 platies
    2 shrimp

    P.S. if this list is not good can u change it and also what do u have in your 30 gallon tank WITH a MALE betta fish?

    fish lover

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    Don't panick!

    Is there any decor in there? Any plants? Cories don't like gravel much, they prefer stuff they can rummage in.

  3. Default

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    I kept a betta in a 30 gallon tank with platies, tetras, cory cats, and a BN pleco.
    they got along great.
    I had gravel in my tank however it was not the sharp kind of gravel and the cories got along fine. In fact, I still have cories on gravel and they do great - have noticed no degrading of their feelers at all and they are busy scooting over the gravel on and off all day. Sand is absolutely preferable for cories, as TD says, but if your gravel is not sharp, you could still keep them.
    Make sure you have some round rocks in the tank also and some caves (you can make them yourself) and plants and or driftwood for them to congregate around or in. If you get a small pleco, he absolutely needs driftwood.
    I'm not sure about the shrimp - depends on the size but the betta might find small shrimp nice targets. Snails work great however - apple or neritz might be a good choice.

    You mentioned your cycle. how are you cycling your tank?
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    You shouldn't have problems with what you propose, except the shrimp. Its likely the Betta will eventually snack on them.
    2 10 gallon tanks, 1 20 gallon tank, 1 Fluval Edge, 1 29 gallon tank, and one backyard pond.

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    Sorry but I think you are very wrong. We all now cories need groups and you're saying it's ok to keep 3.

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    Lose the shrimp - they will be picked at.

    Up the cory number to at least 6.
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    I'd be careful which Platy you pick. There are some 'fancy' varieties out there that the Betta may not like. I'd try to steer clear of any with over the top colouring and the longer fins.

    It does depend on the temperament of the Betta but it might be wise to be cautious there.

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