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Thread: Losing snails

  1. Default Losing snails

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    I bought two dwarf red ramshorn snails last month (I've been looking for them for ages so was really plesed I finally found some).

    They were fine at first and were gobbling up algae all over the tank. Then after about 2 week one went a little sluggish and was sitting on a leaf not moving for a day or so. Next time I looked it was upside down and disappeared into its shell and had died.

    The other was ok for about a week or so after but then the same thing happened and it died too.

    I thought it was just unlucky as my shrimps and fish were all still fine.

    Then I saw some spiral horned snails and bought two but both died 3-4 days after I got them.

    I dont understand whats happening to them all! I have tiny ramshorn snails that came in on plants who are breeding like mad and surviving just fine and 2 MTS who seem fine. I tested my water and theres no ammonia/nitrites/copper and almost zero nitrates.

    Can anyone tell me why I might be losing my snails or what I could do to try and prevent it in the future please?

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    can't help to answer that, however if you find what's killing snails but leaving shrimp alive hit me up i want it
    6ft Australian Fresh water turtle tank - 2 macleay river turtles, numerous guppy at varying stages of development.

    5ft 150gal planted discus tank - 8 discus, 10 cardinal tetras, 10 rummnose, 6 albino cories, and breeding RCS in tank sump and just about everywhere everything done from scratch, filtration and stand tank
    journal @

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    Hahaha I think I'd be pretty popular aroun here if I did.

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    Are you sure that they are getting enough food? How do you determine what they are eating? The smaller snails don't need as much food as the larger ones, and with their numbers maybe they are out competing the larger snails. When snails come from the pet store they usually are starved already so their endurance may not be high.

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    I keep otocinclus in the same tank so I leave the algae to grow pretty much wild. I give the front of the tank a wipe down every now and then but the other walls are very green as are the ornament. I also supplement with algae wafers and then theres the left over fish food.

    I dont think it is a lack of food in my tank but could it be possible that if they were starved in the fish store then some damage was already done before I got them?

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    i have a lot of ramshorns in my tank unfortunately, i have quite a bit of the red ones as well, i've bought snails and had them die soon after purchasing them as well and i agree with other posters, usually when snails are purchased they are already starved because the LFS dont feed them properly.

    one thing that has really helped my bigger snails like my nerites and a couple big tiger ramshorns that i dont remove is i drop a couple pieces of zuchinni in the tank, boil it for a few minutes so it will sink, let it cool and drop it in, my bigger ramshorn is usually the first one there, in the morning i remove it with a ton of other unwanted baby snails and repeat again.

    also what is your general hardness, if you dont have enough calcium in your water column snails will suffer, if calcium and magnesium are low than supplementing would help.

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    Birdman, all these threads you are replying to are really old and in some cases their posters are no longer even active on the forum. Please check whether a thread is still relevant before replying.

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