I finally filled my new tank, there is a lot more to do before it is complete, but I figured I would cycle it while the rest of the work was being done. I will start with a few pictures and a little info about it, and I will update as I make progress towards moving my fish from their current 55 to this new home.

Older used 150 gallon glass aquarium
DIY pine stand and canopy
3x 300 watt heaters
36" Coralife t5ho fixture with 2x 6500K bulbs (mounted in top of canopy as opposed to sitting on the tank top. this lights the inside of the canopy so I can see what I'm doing.)
2x 792 GPH pumps
building DIY canister from 8 gallon drum (will be running a Jebo canister in the meantime to cycle)
20 gallon tall inside canopy to house heaters
artificial plants
slate pieces for cave, driftwood, and gravel
4 outlet petco air pump

The plan is to install bulkheads into the 20 gallon and plumb into the canister return. The water will re enter the display via 1 1/2" PVC standpipe. I am currently debating trying to plant some Java moss and Java ferns in the 20g which is located next to my light fixture. This will be a first attempt at live plants, might as well try it out in here, should help reduce some nitrates while gaining experience. If this goes well I will begin to live plant the display with low light plants. A few of my friends think that I have gone off the deep end because of this Overhead idea instead of just running a wet/dry underneath- but they obviously haven't figured out that I am a weirdo and don't usually stick to convention, lol. I am awaiting the arrival of the diamond hole saw I ordered, then I will be able to install the bulkhead fittings.
I need to buy a few more artificial plants to hide my 2 submersibles behind the driftwood, I decided to put them inside the tank because they are near silent under all that water, so far the only noise I hear is from the air pump.

pumps behind wood
sorry for the poor quality images.