I'm Paul & I just joined.
I've belonged to several other forums for a few years, but was quite attracted to joining this one.

Fish-keeping, both fresh & saltwater, has been pretty much my life-long hobby, and for the past number of years I've concentrated on discus-keeping. I've even written a detailed, illustrated guide to getting started with discus, which has been stickied on several forums, including simplydiscus.com, and BIDKA (British & International Discus-Keepers Assn.)
My guide has now been viewed by approx. 40,000 persons around the world.

I'm not mentioning this to boast in any way, but simply to let you folks know that, since I'm retired and have time on my hands, nothing pleases me more than helping out newcomers to discus-keeping to be successful with these magnificent fish - which are not really very hard to keep - they simply just require a little extra care and attention.

On the other forums I belong to, hardly a day passes that I don't get one or two PMs asking for advice and information, and I'm always pleased to help out in any way I can.

I'm looking forward to seeing and hearing about the success stories of all hobbyists, not just discus-keepers, and looking forward to contributing, and joining in on the fun here.
Best regards,