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Thread: Betta & ??

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    Default Betta & ??

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    Is it possible to have 1 nerite snail with a betta in a cycled 2.5gallon?
    What about a red cherry shrimp?

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    Bettas are somewhat like humans and cichlids in that they are quite individual and have their own characters. Some will tolerate most non aggressive tankmates, some will freak out and get scared and others will attempt to kill anything that moves. The nerite will likely work as they hug the ground and don't have any large, obvious tentacles to nip at but the shrimp might be iffy. The only way to find out would be to try but be sure to have a spare tank/container in case things don't quite work out as planned.

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    The snail should be fine, as stated above, but nix on the shrimp. They will likely, in time, become Betta food. They could be fine for weeks, even a few months, and one day........ no shrimp. Again depends on the Betta, but in my lengthy experience, shrimp and Betta aren't a good match.

    Also in so small a tank, I'd leave teh Betta alone. Adding in any extra bio load is not a good idea.
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    I will never advocate anything less than 5 gallons for a betta, but a snail will work.
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    Well, i got 1 small red-track nerite snail...the betta flared for a while, but now ignores him.
    He's small....maybe 1/3 inch
    How often should they be fed?
    I have Hikari algae wafers.

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    I had to remove the snail after about 5 hours...the betta went crazy starting to head butt the snail and ate the snail's algae wafer.
    My betta ended up with 2 tears in his tail fin.
    I gave the snail to a friend with a 55gallon.

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    Sounds like your betta is not going to be crazy about tank mates period - it happens - some share tankmates in larger tanks and are OK but they are unpredictable as you can see.

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    The fact that it's in a 2.5 gallon doesn't help either. That's a bucket size!

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    Indeed...and it's less than a bucket if he's measuring in US gallons. I wouldn't keep a betta in under 10 gallons myself. Just because you can doesn't mean it's right.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ~firefly~ View Post
    Indeed...and it's less than a bucket if he's measuring in US gallons. I wouldn't keep a betta in under 10 gallons myself. Just because you can doesn't mean it's right.
    Sorry, but i don't see the need in this comment.
    I wanted help/answers....most responses (on 3 diff boards) said it should be OK.
    I tried it..and it didn't work.
    A 2.5 is NOT's what I have and am doing my best at making him happy.
    The tank was cycled (took 2 months)
    I'm female, and it's Canadian gallons by the way.

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