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  1. Default Need some color in the tank

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    I have recently joined this site and have perused the forums quite extensively. I am new to aquatics and am looking to finish stocking my tank. I have a 36 gallon bow front, newly cycled. So far I have: 2 black mollies, 4 white skirt tetra, and 4 false julii cory. Im looking to top it off with 1) hardy, community fish (obviously) and 2) a splash of color. I was thinking eventually adding maybe 6 zebra danios and 12 neon tetras...thoughts? opinions on some other variety?

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    What's your filtration? This will pretty much decide how fully stocked you can safely be.
    Also, what's your maintenance routine? How much water do you change per week?

    I would up the skirt tetra school to 10 and get a few more cories (you want at least 6 or 7), I'd go for 8.

    After this you could add a nice school of neon tetra or, my preference, cardinal tetra - 15 should be ok. Or you could consider a school of harlequin rasbora? They have lovely colour once settled. Likewise, a fish I keep myself at the moment - cherry barbs. They are extremely colourful when settled and well cared for. Males are bright red and females are bright orange, often with red fins. You have plenty of options.

    Zebra danios wouldn't give you much colour but would give you lots of activity.
    "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." Carl Sagan

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  3. Default

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    I'm running a HOB rated for 200 gph. Weekly maintenance to include water test, cleaning, and 10 gallon water change.

    As for the cory's, I just added them yesterday and bought the LFS out of them for now (I am going to see if/when they will get more). They don't have any white skirt tetras at the moment either, only "blueberry/raspberry" tetras. they look like they are dyed white skirt, but I know are dyed and do not wish to purchase. They do have a fresh stock of the cardinal tetra, which do look amazing.

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    +1 to firefly. All excellent choices. I would like to add that most members do 50 percent or more pwc. Do you use a master test kit or test strips? The kit is far more accurate then the strips. As fire fly stated, more cories and I personally like the school of neons.

  5. Default

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    I use a master test kit. My water comes from an artesian well, has a natually lower pH, around 6. I am leaning toward the cardinal or neon tetras as well. Being new to aquatics I am unsure of how many fish my tank can hold when fullly stocked. I know the 1" rule, but its just a guide line, I guess I'll judge from testing while I continue to stock.

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    Here is a site as use a general rule of thumb. It's not perfect but it helps us not so experienced folks. Lol

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    That site is pretty good for stocking limits as a basic guide and from what I've seen will give you a safe maximum stocking limit.
    "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." Carl Sagan

    ~ 350 Litre Tank Journal ~ ~ 30 Litre Tank Journal ~

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    If you are looking for color, have you thought about celebes rainbows? Or maybe some red sword tails? Swords get bigger bodied and will give you a nice orange to red depending on the breed. Celebes Rainbows stay small and are very active, bright yellow with blue eyes.

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    I'd be upping your water changes to 50% weekly when you increase your stock. I have cherry barbs for my color splash. Platies are also colorful if you like livebearers.....which I don't.......but some do.

  10. Default

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    Thanks for all the options. I'm leaning toward either cardinal or neon tetras, or cherry barbs. I know my LFS has both of them. As for the white skirts, I don't know if they will be getting any any time soon and I'm assuming that they only school with their own kind, not just other "tetras". If they get some, awesome, but for now they only have the dyed variety

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