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  1. Default African Dwarf frog death

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    Hi everyone,

    Relatively new to the aquarium hobby....
    -cycled tank with no fish
    -added 6 white clouds
    -added 2 african dwarf frogs
    -added 5 rasboras
    I have a 15g aqeuon tall tank. I read afterwards not a good tank for frogs...but they seemed to make it up for air ok. Everybody healthy and happy as of last night. This morning one frog on top floating (wife very upset, her favourite) the other ok, all fish good. did a water test and ammonia through the roof....almost solid green through api test kit. I have done water changes twice a week (with a vacuum) and the ammonia was 0 a week ago. Can somebody give me some insight? Is it overcrowded and just caught up with me?

  2. Default

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    If your tank was truly cycled before you added fish (I have my doubts) then it sounds like you had a ammonia spike adding all those fish will do it. I've read that the frogs are very sensitive to water quality so no surprise they were the first to go. You'll have to check daily for a couple of weeks and do a W/C when needed. Whats your filtration set up? Its also possible that you don't have enough filtration, its best to have at lest 2 times the size of your tank. In your case a single AC30 if your on a budget would work well.
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  3. Default

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    Thanks for your reply,
    I ran my tank for 6 weeks without fish and it seemed to follow the cycling process as i eventually had good numbers. Then i added the 6 white clouds, the frogs about a week later and the rasboras 2 weeks after that. Minus the couple of gallons taken up by gravel etc. and following the one fish per gallon guideline I thought I was ok. I am running an AC30.
    I will follow your suggestion about testing daily, and look into getting a shorter tank.

  4. Default

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    What are the exact water parameters? You said you had ammonia but if the tank is cycled you should be seeing some nitrates. If the nitrates are 0 then the tank is likely not cycled.
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  5. #5


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    Exactly how did you cycle your tank? Did you use ammonia to cycle?

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