Since purchasing Robbie, I have found that he will not eat anything but "live" food. I am about out of feeder male guppies. Had to cut them up in small pieces, but he loved them. I found a small red earth worm the other day. Put it in a baggie and froze it. I can cut off tiny pieces and feed him 2-3 a day. Of course, he loves them to. Am I doing wrong?? So far he seems to be thriving nicely and comes to the top when I feed him. I use the term "he" loosely though. Robbie may turn out to be a Rachel. Not sure yet. Still a very pretty Betta.

Anyone else use red earth worms for food. I will pick up some different kinds of frozen food if I can ever get to the lfs. It's 60 miles one way and I don't drive anymore.