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    I'm sorry..

    Was intended to be clear, that's all.

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    LOL, it's fine. I thought you knew I wasn't a child though.
    "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." Carl Sagan
    ~ My 350 Litre Tank Journal ~

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    Well... some things are read by newbies as well and there's always a few who need instructions like that.

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    I've fed lots of veggies over the past few days and she hasn't improved. She still seems interested in food but really struggles to swim - unable to maintain height in the water column. Should I move her to the 15 litre hospital tank and treat with Swim Bladder Treatment? I have a bottle of the stuff made by Interpet.

    I think catching her might be an issue!
    "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." Carl Sagan
    ~ My 350 Litre Tank Journal ~

  5. #15


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    Swim bladder can also be due to bacterial infections. Incidentally, cherry barbs are the only fish I've ever had that had to be treated for internal worms. My fish are all treated for it because I want to but in their case, they had to be. Sometimes fish will act like that at the end of their life cycle, as well, when their internal organs are failing.

  6. #16


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    Hmmm...ok. Thanks for that. It's useful information.

    Is it likely to be internal parasites if I've had them more than a year with no issues and no new additions? How long do they live again? I thought it was 2-5 years.

    In any case, I thought I would go ahead and isolate her for treatment. As I suspected, catching her (amongst her 28 other friends) was very challenging. It took me about 30 minutes of frustration and near giving up (they were all getting too stressed) before I managed to catch her. She knew I was after her and kept going into the bogwood caves! I' managed to nab her whilst only uprooting one plant though so I'm pretty pleased with that.

    I cleared out the 15 litre moss tank, removing the wood and tidying up the plants (which I'm aware might die because of the treatment...not sure) and refilled it with water from the big tank and stuck her straight in (no acclimatisation necessary as she was going into the same water she came out of).

    NB. I'm not sure if this tank is cycled in any way - it's been running for a few months and has had an explosion of snails in it, but no formal cycle and no fish - I've been dropping in feed pellets for the snails every few days but otherwise not monitoring it. I think it has cycled for the snails, but I'm not sure it will support the barb. Taking water readings before draining it was ammo 0, trite 0, trate 10 (my tap water has 5 trate). I'm going to take another ammonia test after she's been in it a few hours. If there is any reading at all I'll open up my big cannister and poach some media from it (I'm loathed to open it unless I absolutely have to as it has a notoriously crappy valve I don't want to break again).

    Anyway...the treatment - I then added half a teaspoon of salt and half a ml of Swim Bladder treatment, as per the instructions. I'm dosing as if the tank is 10 litres. Another half a teaspoon of salt will be added tomorrow, I need to redose the treatment on fixed days (four treatments).

    We shall see what happens.
    "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." Carl Sagan
    ~ My 350 Litre Tank Journal ~

  7. #17


    0 Not allowed!
    Ok, it's been at least 4 hours since the barb was transferred to the hospital tank. I've taken an ammonia reading and am delighted that it's zero. I'll take another in another 4 hours. How long should I test before assuming it's cycled and safe?

    Here's the tank...just because I like photos...

    And the patient...looking pretty good, but sitting on the bottom

    I left the lights off for a few hours but now have them on low (2 out of 4 brightness settings) for the plants.
    "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." Carl Sagan
    ~ My 350 Litre Tank Journal ~

  8. #18


    0 Not allowed!

    Got up this morning to find a dried up body on the kitchen floor. The barb had managed to jump out through a tiny gap in the condensation tray! I can't believe it would be so stupid. I'd never think it would do that. It must have flapped across the counter overnight and onto the floor.

    What a waste of time and effort. I'm kicking myself because I knew they jumped as they've done it before when I had them in a holding bucket. Why didn't I think to tape up the gaps?

    Word of warning: cherry barbs are escape artists and will jump out of any crack!
    "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." Carl Sagan
    ~ My 350 Litre Tank Journal ~

  9. #19


    0 Not allowed!
    - oooh - sorry to hear.

    A lesson for everyone that fish can jump - I just got 2 green corys and watched them jumping out of the water in the bag I brought them home in - I am VERY careful with them in my QT - what a disappointment for you. So much for it staying on the bottom.
    46 gal fw tank with black skirt tetras, neon tetras, spotted corys, cherry barbs, otoclinus, snails & 4 amano shrimp - plastic & live plants
    5 gal QT
    Remember: Our job is to take care of the water our fish live in

  10. #20


    0 Not allowed!
    Yeah, it's just annoying because the tank does have a lid (sort of) but with a gap around it.

    Live and learn. Poor fish
    "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." Carl Sagan
    ~ My 350 Litre Tank Journal ~

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