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    Question Any more life in this tank?

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    Okay I have a 10 Uk gallon tank, so around 54 litres. It currently homes 5 African Dwarf Frogs and one Zebra snail. So I put in some new silk plants to provide a lot of shade and now the frogs hang out in them all the time and my tank looks more spacey. So my question is:
    Could I put like one or two shrimp in there to keep the plants looking clean, or is it stocked enough?
    (The tank I am referring to is the one in my profile picture)
    Last edited by sophief100; 04-17-2013 at 11:56 PM.

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    from tank space, quite a bit still could fit in your tank. However, stocking limits are also dictated by filtration capacity and maintenance schedule.
    what filter do you have and how often/how much water do you change?

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    Thanks for the reply, I thought it was fully stocked!
    I have the Interpet PF1. I used to have platys in there but they produced too much waste so I had to get rid of them :( and I would do 20 litres a week but now that I don't have them I do 10 litres a week (someone told me that 20 would be too much).

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    Honestly you can't really overdo it with the water changes. Provided you're dechlorinating and your tap water is pollutant free, you can change as much as you like as often as you like. The more the better in most cases.

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    I thought that changing the water too much and in large quantities removes the bacteria from the tank that the fish need to survive...

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    The Bacteria that aquarists try to cultivate do not live in the water, but are attached to hard surfaces in your tank. In theory, if water parameters in your tank and from the tap are same, and you de chlorinate properly, you could do 100% water changes without harming your fish(only in theory of course. It would be way to impractical to find a place to put the fish during a 100% water change).

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    Ah fair enough. And yes it would be very impractical, especially with things that jump! :L So, could I get some shrimp with the filter I have?

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    Am I not really going to get a full answer? I'm gonna take it as a "yes" and do what I want.

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    Honestly shrimp have hardly any bioload at all.
    What kind of shrimp? If something small like ghost or red cherry I'd say go with 10 or 15

    If I'm doing my math right that's a 15 gallon tank (US) So I'd put a school of 12 neons in there too.
    120 gallon FW bowfront in progress

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    Oops...darn liters and gallons. I just realized your filter is barely big enough to handle your tank. It would be best if you could double your filtration.
    120 gallon FW bowfront in progress

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