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  1. Default New 40 gal is cloudy

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    Hello! I am new here. I have had tanks in the past but haven't had one for 10 years. I have a 40 gal acrylic with a Bio Wheel 200. I got this off craigslist and the seller had it filled with water only so we could see that everything was in working condition. We set this up Monday evening and have black fluorite, rocks, wood, and some live plants (my first foray into live plants!)...anyway, we "thought" we rinsed the fluorite thoroughly as well as everything else that went into the tank but the tank is cloudy. The cloudiness was noticeable after the first few gallons were put in so I am assuming the cloudiness is mostly due to the fluorite??? We de-chlorinated the water as well as added some "start" Monday evening...Tuesday morning we added a water clarifier and Tuesday night we put carbon into the filter (suggested by the fish store). I "think" it is a little clearer this morning and I am wondering if we should do a 50% water change tonight. If the cloudiness is due to the fluorite is it harmful to the filter? Plants??? Last night I noticed at the water line there was an accumulation of tiny bubbles that were beige...I don't know what that means. However, this morning it looks like those bubbles have stopped accumulating and any bubbles at the water line are now lighter in color.

    My plan for this tank is to have a peaceful community; something I have wanted for YEARS! I cannot wait for everything to be up and running smoothly. I think I have aquarium 24/7 on the brain because the last 3 nights I have only had aquarium-related dreams!! :)


  2. Default

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    There's nothing to be worried about, the cloudiness is just due to the flourite getting settled and will go away eventually. If you do water changes it will go away faster just be sure not to stir up the substrate when you put in the new water.

    Alternatively my initial thought would be cloudiness due to a bacterial boom but based on your posting, you haven't begun cycling yet.

    Check the filter pads and make sure you the pads aren't clogged with any floating particles.

    Are you planning to do a fishless cycle with ammonia or a one with fish?

  3. Default

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    Thanks! I am trying not to be worried! :)

    I will be sure to check the filter pads after work. I was thinking of getting 1-2 zebra danios tonight. Should I just get one?

  4. Default

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    In my opinion, don't get any yet, your tank isn't cycled yet and while yes, you can cycle with fish it is less work and in the long term safer for your future inhabitants.

    Cycling is critical to ensure a safe environment for your fish and the overall balance of your aquarium.

    Take a couple minutes and read this article here by Lady Hobbs:

    It will detail everything needed to conduct a fishless cycle. I understand how excited you are to get your tank up and running and we are very much interested in seeing how it will develop but it is best for your fish and your wallet that you properly cycle your tank before adding any fish.

    And welcome to the forum :)

  5. Default

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    Thanks for the welcome and the info...I will read up on the fishless cycle now.

  6. #7


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    +1 for fishless cycling here too.
    120 gallon FW bowfront in progress

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  8. Default

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    I recently cycled my 29g with a koi and trust me don't do it for the fish's sake and your own. I made the mistake of doing a fish cycle and if I could go back I def. wouldn't have.
    Long time fish keeper most experience with CA/SA cichlids, natives like sunfish, and aggressive catfish.
    Currently have a 29g planted with 14 candy cane tetras, 6 sterbai corys, 6 melini corys, a rescued Siamese fighting fish and 1 mustache wearing albino longfin pleco.

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