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  1. Exclamation Sudden Brown Sludge on Rocks, not sure if its algae but i dont kno where else to post

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    Tank is 25 Gallon freshwater(5 tiger barbs, 3 albino cories). tested parameters today. all was normal except pH was low (6.3-6.5) and i was going to work on that with water changes.

    This brown sludge appeared on the slate rocks i have in the aquarium. It seems to be only on the top(light facing) surface of the uppermost rock and very little on the lower slate. as far as i can tell none on the lava rocks or gravel. There is some of the brown sludge on the back wall of the tank only and some on the filter intakes but not inside the filters themselves.

    The sludge is very thin and comes off the rock very easily with the swipe of a finger, it is slightly darker brown than appears in the pictures I have attached. There does not seem to be any buildup on the underside of the rocks and again the main buildup is on the highest piece of slate closest to the lighting.

    I have no idea what it is, how to or if it should be treated. Please help!!!

    Thank you!!
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Diatoms. Normal in new tanks. You can clean them off with a bit of bleach/water in a pail and let them soak a minute. Obviously, rinsing them off very well.

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    Thank you, hadnt seen it to this point only been in the game a couple months.

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    Keyword in her ladyship's reply is can. It's not something that needs killing straight away.

    I would suggest you keep a close eye on your tank though. This appearing combined with a ph which is suddenly lower (and low enough to make me really envious) could mean trouble is near and your cycle is in danger. Not saying it actually is, just keep a closer watch for the next 10 days or so

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    Quote Originally Posted by stunna1744 View Post
    Thank you, hadnt seen it to this point only been in the game a couple months.
    A few months in is usually when people see them - mine lasted a few months & then disappeared forever. It doesn't look nice but it's harmless. I started cleaning things off and then gave up : )

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    If you do decide to clean it off as Lady hobbs suggested use a 10% bleach to 90% water solution. Soak it as little as 15 minutes and it will be gone with no scrubbing. Make sure you rinse the rocks well,then soak in dechlorinated water at least 30 minutes before returning to your tank.
    It's called new tank syndrom and as has been said usually goes away in a few months.
    Sometimes, however ,it can be very stubborn and you may have to add something like Chemi Pure Elite to reduce silicates which can cause ongoing diatoms.
    Good luck
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    Check the pH of your tap water. You really don't want your pH going down much further. If it takes water changes more often and larger water changes, then do them. Diatoms are caused from an imbalance of silicates/phosphates and that balance will generally be achieved in a couple of months. I had it really bad when I used play sand in my tanks. I ended up using a phosphate sponge in the filter media. Until then, I just cleaned the darned stuff off on a weekly basis.

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