So i made the mistake of buying 2 platys and only having a 1.77 gallon tank i wasn't think and haven't had a fish tank since i was in high school.

Anyways one of them died the other day but i cant get the ammonia levels down even with 1. I know the tank is small i have vacuumed the gravel cleaned the filter and added the tetra start bacteria.

Still ammonia levels on those test stripes is at the second highest which is danger.

I dont know what else to do I dont have money to buy a bigger tank at the moment.

What should I do? I have drained and replaced the water 1/2 at a time and as soon as i do i test the ammonia and its exactly the same.

It had this filter in there which uses foam but it sucked up alot of extra food and did a good job of sucking everything up but i had to clean it every day and it was a pain with the foam.

so i went and bought the wisper 3i just put it in its doing okay not nearly as much of a current as the last one but its okay.

Anyways how can i get my damn ammonia down untill i can buy a new tank.

"i was given this tank"