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Thread: QT Shrimp?

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    Default QT Shrimp?

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    So my LFS has had a hard time getting in cory's that are healthy. Over the past year i've gone from 10 to now like 5. they just aren't healthy enough or aren't a good batch.
    (Other fish are great, no issues, param's perfect) So i've chalked it up to being bad stock.

    Now that my #'s are just dwindling, i've kinda given up on replacing them. let them live their lives to their best ability.

    so i'm contemplating adding in bunches of RCS, or something I can find at a good price here.

    Do you QT shrimp? or just toss them in?

    Also, do kribs/GBR/Bolivian rams eat shrimp? I guess that is more important so my shrimp just get eaten. lol

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    I qt anything that goes in my tank.

    Dwarfs could eat them but in my experience dont. It comes down to if you have a good patch of moss for them to hide and rear babies in.

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    I have GBR in my 55 with shrimp. I will see a full grown shrimp once in awhile, but if the rams see a small shrimp they do show interest but usually the shrimp can escape.

    It the shrimp have places to hide, and you introduce them correctly (I just dropped them in with lights on and it turned into a buffet for the fish eating the young shrimp)

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    I don't plan on having moss in this set up.

    Just lots and lots and lots of driftwood and few low light plants (val, anarchis, anubias)

    I didn't know if shrimp carried stuff to be concerned w/ to QT or not as I've never had them before

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    Being fairly new to the shrimp scene as a whole, i don't know how much help I can be, but I know they should be drip acclimated. I did it and havn't had any deaths. I also didn't quarantine them either (these were 4 ghost shrimp from petsmart) and the smaller the tankmates are, the more at ease they will feel in coming out of their hiding spots. It also depends on how big the shrimp is, but even if it is a big shrimp, a fish greater than 1.3 inches or so can still boss it around. Just in my experience :)
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    They'll eat them, you need mondo cover. Or better yet stick with a shrimp only tank full of java moss and before you know it you will have hundreds of them. Then maybe throw some in your other tank and see how long they last.

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    Personally I just got lucky i think with my 55. My population is doing well, to the point where they actually just come out and sit in front of the fish. But they act totally different if they have a dedicated tank

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    Most corydoras species have a toxin that they emit from their gills. This is a defense mechanism to keep them from being eaten. Unfortunately the Cory itself is not immune to it's own toxin. It dies and a sign of this is heightened respiration. Any form of stress may cause this self toxification including large water changes. Certain species emit more or less of this toxin. It may be something to look into. Some species are extremely difficult to ship due to this. Few shippers place 50 corys in a bag as guppies etc are shipped, one stressed cory will wipe out the whole group. Certain species need to be placed very carefully in a dark bag with only one specimen in them. I have seen cases were the UPS guy drops the box hard upon delivery and half of the fish self poison themselves. Not nice.

    Definitely QT the shrimp. Put a small fish in with it to witness any problems that other fish would get.

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    Interesting to know that. Thanks for the information.

    Bummer they have that response. I wouldn't be surprised if that happened at the LFS-it's petco and i've pretty much stopped shopping there cuz their stock was so poor.

    I'll be sure to try that w/ the shrimp though and have a few extra fish to check to issues.

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