Wanting a low-light planted tank. I see threads here and other websites list different plants that will work in low light environments, what is low light exactly? I see differences in watts, color temperature (ie 6700K), light output (lumens).

I have a 25G and currently a single tube fluorescent fixture that was included with the deluxe full hood fullhood.jpg, 18" 15 watts. I'm working with a low budget so these LED light systems are not going to work.

From what I've read thus far you need 1 to 2 watts per gallon (for low light conditions). So I need between 25-50 watt bulb, though I can't seem to find a 25 watt bulb that is 18" in length. Does this mean I need to find a fluorescent fixture that holds 2 tubes at 15 watts each? I have not had much luck finding a light fixture like that for aquarium use. I'm thinking maybe following this thread and making my own light fixture. http://www.aquatraders.com/48-inch-2...e-p/52123p.htm

Then there's the color temperature. 6700K has been thrown around as the suggested amount. What's the difference and how will it effect low light condition plants. Home Depot sells a fluorescent bulb for aquariums and the color temperature is 2700K. I would think 6700K would be over kill then, unless Philips has no idea what is required for light conditions for planted aquariums.

Any help would be terrific.