Ok bored at work at have sketched up a 8' long fish rack for my future basement - yes I don't even have the house yet and I'm planning the fish wall.

Current thoughts are a 175 or 155 bowfront as main show tank up stairs while I had this rack in my man cave in the basement.

8' Long, by 2' deep and approx 6' tall. I would have approx 96" per shelf for tanks, and depending on weight I don't know if I'd need a center brace, just have 4 good posts with 8' long 2x4's doubled up as the shelves (with plywood though)

What would be best way to filter and heat all these, I planned on 6 4' long shop lights, and prob could do an aquaclear for each, but then add a sponge to supplement it? Would that be enough?

Top Shelf:
20L: Cardinal Tetra based tank
10g: Red Cherry Shrimp Tank
20L: Hillstream Loach river tank

Middle Shelf:
30g Breeder: German Blue Ram Tank (prob 2 pair)
10g: Red Crystal Shrimp
30g Breeder: Apisto Tank - prob do two harems if it fit (2m, 6 f)

Lower Shelf:
30g Breeder: Krib Tank
10g: Not sure yet
30g Breeder: Tiger Barb Tank

Thoughts and suggestions welcomed