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    Nov 2011
    Cambridge, GB

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    Default Concerns on moving an "Albino shark".

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    Oh dear, this was not the introduction to fish keeping I was looking for...

    After about a year and a half of scrimping and saving and only making it to about halfway through the set-up for my 55g I've run into some trouble.

    I was offered a "complete" set up for 30. 110 litre tank, heater, filter and all. Also contains one..."Albino shark". As far as I can tell this would be a Epalzeorhynchos munense (http://www.freshwater-tropical-fish-...fin-shark.html), though I'm seeing a different scientific name on every website I look at. So link included for clarification.

    Apparently everything aside from the "shark" has died shortly after being introduced and the owner has lost heart with it. They were waiting for the fish to die and then planned to sell the equipment. I didn't like the thought of the poor sod living in a 110l with only some gravel and a pirate ship ornament to look at so I took it on as well.

    Will be doing the move in two runs, one for the fish and then one for the rest. I've nabbed two large fish transport bags from Pets at Home (First time I've had anything positive to say about PaH, they were real good with letting me take some of their bags) and have bought a cool box for the 20 minute journey. Fish will be introduced into a 100 litre plastic tub that'll be heated and aerated. Gives us time to go back, grab the rest of the gear, return and get everything set up. I've bought a bottle of "SafeStart" that will hopefully buffer against going into a mini-cycle. I'll slowly introduce the fish to the storage tank, probably bring a bucket of his own tank water back as well to try and keep down the risk of shock. I've never bought a fish before... let alone tried to move one so I'm trying to be as careful as possible.

    The main concern for me here is that the tank is supposedly running at 33 degrees Celsius... which seems incredibly high. I've not come across many fish that are listed as being OK with that high a temperature. Is there a risk of the fish being shocked by temperature changes here? Weather is a little better than it has been but is still dropping to 10 degrees Celsius... should I be worried even though he'll be in a large bag inside a cool box? The heater I've purchased for the job of warming the holding tank only goes up to 31, hoping this will be OK if I float him for a time?

    Have zero experience with keeping fish but have been fanatically reading magazines/books and browsing the web for all things fish for the past two years or so. Hoping I can get by on that alone. Spent a lot of time reading up about moving fish but I've found that you can always weevil out a few additional details to think about by asking people directly.

    Hopefully this will all go well and I'll be able to lower the heat... strip the tank down and plant it up. Add some silica sand and build in some caves for him to prowl around...

    Any advice would be great. Also if anyone has any experience with the fish (I hope is) in question, that'd be great. Or if there's anything else the fish could be it'd be great to get a head start on preparing for that eventuality as well. Even if it means a run down to a willing public aquarium... Thanks in advance!

    R.I.P for another few months, 55g.

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    Vancouver, British Columbia

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    Be prepared to do a fish in cycle. I highly doubt that the previous owner had half a clue about fish keeping. Reflects in the fact that they put it in a tank too small(55gal minimum for this species) and 99,9% probably didn't cycle their tank silting in all those fish deaths. Or maybe the shark itself killed the others. The previous owners should have known that these sharks are highly territorial especially in small tanks if they had done any research. A large bag in a cool box will change little in temperature. I would not be worried about that. Just make sure that in no circumstances the fish is subjected to more than a degree change in a couple of minutes.

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    Nov 2011
    Cambridge, GB

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    【ツ】 - korith   
    Arthritis - Child Abuse - Colon Cancer - Colorectal Cancer - Dystonia - Education - Free Speech - Interstitial Cystitis - ME/CFIDS - Reye's Syndrome - Save the Music - Teens Against Smoking - Victim's Rights - Water Quality - Sligg   


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    I've bought some larger buckets so I can do larger water changes just in the case we do go into a full cycle. Hoping that by carefully transporting the media in a bucket of tank water and getting it straight back in the tank I'll be able to avoid that. Maybe the SafeStart will help but I'm always quite sceptical of these products, it does say that it'll help bolster the bacteria after water changes and the like... but they could write any old tosh on the back of the bottle.

    Unfortunately as it is with a lot of people, they expected the store owner to know what he was selling and sell it properly. People will skip the part where they do their own research, which as in this case has had a few fatal consequences.

    Yep, I figured I'd be buying a new 55g this year when I saw what species it could be. Hopefully I'll be able to build a community tank out of this. More finger crossing...

    Thanks for the advice Madagascariensis. Move is hopefully happening in the next few days so I'll leave a post saying how it went and if the fish actually turns out to be some amazing new species of freshwater great white shark or something... seeing how this week's going so far, I wouldn't be surprised.

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    0 Not allowed! and may provide a fea hints on identification.
    A temp of 31 could well explain tge the other deaths. 25c would be much better. If this fish is sweating in 31 (could be a bad thermometer so check) bring it down to 25 over a few days.

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