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    Default 30 gallon ram/angel

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    I am getting my 30 gallon tank a little later than expected, but it should be set up in the next two weeks, I would like to keep a pair of Bolivian rams, and a pair of angels. The tank will be heavily planted and I was curiouse if this setup could work. There would be about 5 cories, and mayb a small school of tetras as well. What are you're thoughts and opinions?

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    While I can't tell you about the compatibility between the rams & angels, I will tell you that from what I've learned here, a 30gal won't be large enough for 2 angels (I've read that 29gal is minimum size for ONE angel) and...2 angels are only good together if they are a mated pair.

    That would also be a lotta fish for a tank that size, considering how large angels get eventually.

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    Yea, 30gallons would not work for all those fish.

    look at some youtube videos to see how big angels really get. it surprises people on their size.

    but in 30gallons-do either the 1 angel
    2 bolivian rams.

    they do get along, but 30gallons, plus cory's plus tetra's is too tight for them to coexist

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    Quote Originally Posted by esr209 View Post
    I would like to keep a pair of Bolivian rams, and a pair of angels. The tank will be heavily planted and I was curiouse if this setup could work. What are you're thoughts and opinions?
    No, It will not work for exactly the reasons stated above, I had 5 angels in a 90 and reduced the cover due to some massive plant pruning and one of them got killed.

    Even a mated pair of angels in a 30 has risk potential, I had a long term mated pair go from paradise to bloodbath literally overnight in a 30.. He killed her.

    The problem is that cichlids are territorial and in a 30g tank if one angel decides that THIS is mine... There is literally nowhere for the other one to go that is 'outside' of the claimed territory.

    This never ends well.

    Just two personal examples IME of why a pair or all of the above is not the route to go. Get the rams or a solo angel if those are your choices
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    Alright, thanks guys, its kind of dissapointing to hear, but I wouldbt risk any fish, or stress anybody out on purpose so I guess I ll just have to change my plans around

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    You could have a couple schools of tetra and the corys, OR a couple bolivian rams with the tetra, but I would leave the angels out. In my opinion a 29/30 gallon tank is not big enough for even one adult angelfish. I'm not sure about the compatibility with the bolivians, but a dwarf gourami would work with a school of tetra and the corys.
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