Hi all! I set my panda cories up in a 10 gallon breeder and they have been laying eggs every other day, so now I have batches of eggs that are/will be intermittently hatching. I wasn't thinking, and put them all in the same floating container with an air stone (except for those they laid last night which I haven't gotten to yet). The first batch started hatching today. What is my best option? Should I separate the fry from the eggs that have yet to hatch? Is the container best, or a breeder net? Or, should I remove the adults and give them free range of the 10 gallon? The 10 gallon has a sand bottom, a sponge filter, and is cycled. When cleaning/doing water changes, any recommendations to avoid getting fry? I'm going to start the brine shrimp today for feeding tomorrow. I'm so excited - these little guys are my absolute favorites!