The Gammarus genus contains many species of freshwater amphipods, or "shrimp". These little guys provide a good meal and a fun chase for average-sized adult tetras, and many other fish of that size!

Keep in mind that this guide requires the catching of a few gammarus amphipods from your local creek, lake or pond. Now then, once you've read some outline, acquire a fine net or strainer. You will also need something to keep the captured gammarus in, which I recommend an average water bottle filled with water from where the gammarus are caught. Be sure to oxygenate the water by shaking it vigorously for about 2-3 minutes.

You now have a container with oxygenated water and a fine net or strainer. Go to a local pond, lake or creek and swipe the net in a sandy area. In my opinion, gammarus like to burrow and hide (and feed) in sand. scoop up some sand and filter it out by moving the net quickly through the water. Once you've removed all of the sand, dig through the remaining pebbles (if any) and put your captured gammarus into the water bottle. Do this as many times as you like, and/or until you are satisfied with your catch.

Take the bottle home, being sure not to cause too much stress via bumps on the road or bouncy walking. Place your new freshwater live food source in a fairly large container. You can use a bucket, or a big bowl, but I do recommend a 5-10g aquarium so you can see what you catch. If you have enough gammarus to feed some of your fish, net some out with a fine fish/shrimp net and feed them to your fish.

Gammarus breed readily (at least mine do in my area) and prefer colder water (65-70 degrees Fahrenheit). If you would like, you can add an air stone to keep the water moving and aerate it. Happy farming, and good luck!

NOTE: Gammarus species differ from area to area. Check your local laws to see if it's legal to keep/breed gammarus in your area.