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  1. Default New to guppies, having problems, and have a few questions

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    Hi, all :) Just started my first tank, 20 gallon. So far, 2 amano shrimp, 5 harlequin rasboras, and a guppy. I got 3 guppies from my lfs just over 2 weeks ago. 2 females and a male - the male is a lemon cobra- very cool lookin. He's also my only one left right now. The first female was gone by the time I got home (store said this is normal? I doubt it and they were rude, so I'll be buying future fish from a different store). I believe the male killed the second female though perhaps not intentionally. She was bitten near her tail fin - same area, I think, that the male may bite a female during the mating process (google), but it was deep and she died. He'd become very fond of her over the week and a half they knew each other and even looked upset when she was having trouble swimming, trying to help her stay up. A friend of mine who keeps fish and works with them set up a hospital tank for me and helped me do what we could for her, but by morning, she was gone. The male is eating now (after 2 days of not eating), but he also keeps swimming up and down, up and down very fast in the same corner of the tank whereas he was calmer before and would swim all over the tank. I was told he just needs friends, but I'm worried what'll happen if I get him another female. Is it ok to just have males? I had intended from the beginning to have 6 - 4 females and 2 males. I've just been waiting for my lfs to get in the guppies that I wanted, but now I'm wary of getting more females. Can I do without them and just have males? Will my remaining guppy be ok, just swimming the way he is. It worries me because he's like that when I go to bed and as soon as I get up :/ Makes me wonder if he sleeps. It's been 3 days since he's been eating and swimming and seems perfectly healthy and normalish aside from his super repetitive swimming in one corner. Did I understand my research correctly, and the bite my female had was probably from the male during mating? Or maybe there was something wrong with her and that's why the male killed her? Has anyone else ever experienced a guppy getting bitten on the body near the tail fin? There are no larger fish in my tank, just the peaceful critters I mentioned above, and there's nothing she could have injured herself on and it did look like she was bitten, probably a few times in the same spot - from something I've read on the internet (super reliable right?!) the male was trying to get at the babies? Ugh- well any info on the situation and answers to my questions will be greatly appreciated. And I do apologize for the length here.

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    How long ago did you set up the tank? And when you did, did you just fill it with water and throw in some fish? I have a feeling that your tank isn't cycled.

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    can you break it down for us?

    how did you cycle the tank?
    water parameters?
    what is your test kit?

  4. Default

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    No, I didn't just add water and fish. I did cycle. The tank was set up for me for my birthday on February 18th which was also meant to give me time to rearrange given plants and decorations, add more, and mess with the theme and...zenning lol as well as choose the types of fish I wanted and match them up with each other (which I'm still not done with). The same friend I mentioned gave me some media and helped me through the process, during which I added fish food every day and tested the water using an API freshwater master test kit. Eventually, ammonia and nitrites were at 0, stayed like that for 3 days, then I vacuumed the gravel, nitrates went to 7 I think - I was cleared to add fish. I use Jungle ph test strips, have tested twice while the fish are in, and ph stays at 7. I'm using a tetra whisper internal filter and a tetra 50 watt preset submersible heater which has so far kept the tank at 77-78 degrees.

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