Hello! I currently have a fully cycled, live plant, 36 gallon with 5 peppered corys, 5 platys, 11 neon tetra, 1 dwarf gourami, and 4 netrite snails. I currently have a Whisper 40i and a Whisper 10i in the tank. Side note: I didn't realize that my 40i wouldn't be enough when I originally purchased the tank and thanks to some helpful members here, I know I need to improve my filtration. Due to the fact that money is tight, I have been saving for an Aqua Clear 110. Three questions... 1) Is this a good filter for the tank I have? Or is there a bette option in the same price range? 2) When I replace the filters and put in the new one, will that mess up my bioload? My understanding is that a lot of beneficial bacteria live in the filter as well as the walls, and decor, etc. Will taking out the current filters and putting in a new one cause an issue with my water quality? 3) Not related to filtration, is my stocking ok? Like I always say, I am new at this at looking for any advice I can get from the more experienced. :) Thanks!