Hi, I've had my tank up and running a couple years and some of my schools of fish are dwindling down in numbers. I want to try some new species. There's a fish auction coming up in a couple weeks, I want to go but mostly there are fish I've never heard of. Does anyone know of any interesting species that would work with my stock. Tank is 90 gallons, same footprint as a 75 only a few inches taller. I also have a 20 gallon wet dry filter.

Current fish-
2 albino bristlenose pleco 3-4"
1 rubber lip pleco 3"
7 roseline barbs 3-4"
1 red minor tetra 2"
6 bleeding heart tetras 2-3"- super boring fish that just hide out in the plants
3 neon tetra- I had 12 at one point, I wont be restocking these.
1 panda cory 2"

Fish in quarantine
5 red minor tetra 1"
8 Harlequin Rasbora 1"