Score! That's 3 for 3! lol

Awesome news all around, Judi. I'm very happy everything is going well for you! Very, very happy the RRFs are doing well. =]

Btw, Watersprite is technically a floating plant. The roots it sends out are actually anchors, not substrate feeders, like traditional roots. That's why the daughter roots are always thrown into the water column and not in the substrate. They'll survive either way. Not sure if they're already doing it, but oftentimes they'll pull away from the substrate (either because they're disturbed by fish or by current - I guess they probably won't in your refugium, since it should be pretty settle in there). If they do, you'll notice them shoot a ton of roots in every direction toward the substrate and they'll just float mid-tank. Pretty interesting plants, but they're a pain in the butt in a show tank.