Well its now been 4 days since their arrival in their new tank and I have yet to see any of my apistos eat. They're still very skinny but they still seem sort of active however they like to spend the majority of their time in their clay pot caves. Due to this issue I've ordered brine shrimp eggs to start my own hatchery and hatch them live food and just now I put a large, 6 gallon bucket full of water, some leaves, and a few twigs, under a tree in my backyard so I can get some mosquitos breeding and see if my apistos will accept mosquito larvae.

Just wondering is their any other live foods that are easy to breed or buy online cheap that are quite small and can be fed to cichlid fry(my cichlids aren't fry, their juveniles, but their so tiny that they might as well be fry.) Also what is the nutritional value of mosquito larvae?? I don't really want to feed them something that won't really help them.