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    Question Filtration discussion

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    Personal preference-I hate hearing water spalsh w/ my hob its driving me to consider boxing them up and replacing it with another 306 or 406 for the heck of it.

    The only benefit of a Hob that I know of is the level of O2 that it puts in the tank. otherwise, it seems canisters such as the 306/406 outshine it in every capacity??

    what're the pros/cons you all think with this swap?

    btw-tank set up currently running 306/sponge filter at 40gal/2 penguin 200 hob's.
    on a 40b (45gallon tank)

    also just added in a hydor 240 (little powerhead to help push water around)

  2. Default

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    LOL I know what you mean mizzoutank! That's one of the reasons I went with a sump on my latest. For two reasons basically the noise and the water level in the display tank remains constant. I really like my RenaXP3 and the benefits it provides. You could add a bubbler if you think you need the additional o2. But my understanding is that you really just need to break the water tension at the surface with ripples from the return line unless you are really overstocked.
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    haha, nice!
    I prefer the look w/o a bubbler.

    my work around for the surface agitation would be pointing my hydor up for the ripples and convert one of the spray nozzles on a 306 to a spray bar.
    and i'm stocked at max capacity with the new changes in the future.

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    My opinion? Pretty much all the HOB filters I've seen seemed silly contraptions. They mean modifying the hood and quite a few promote evaporation. Only thing in their advantage is that they're relatively cheap,. Only drawback of cannister filters is that they are more expensive to purchase.

    If you want aeration simply place the spraybar an inch over the water level.

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    While you consider your options... Try raising your tanks water level so that the output of the HOB is submerged slightly.

    This will eliminate the noise issue in the interim.
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    Having said that, Just because it's a stupid question doesn't mean that it shouldn't be asked. It's better to know.

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    TD: in comparison between the two-I agree. but cheap is good in this hobby. lol

    Goes to 11!: (you look familiar 800 + 50. lol)-My water level is high enough it actually is a quarter inch above the output of the hob's. they still make a bit of a splashing noise due to their nature/design?

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    Don't know about where you live but I can pick up a used eheim 2213 for about 30 euros. A new one complete with double taps and media is 63 euros. OK, the initial investment is higher but that's a unit that will easily last you a decade with perhaps a shaft and bushing kit once every 5 years.

  8. #8


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    Not all HOBs are equal, some make a lot more noise than others.

    If you want to replace your HOB with a second canister, you can't go wrong with a properly sized Eheim, Fluval, or Rena. I'm using fluval and rena canisters right now and I really do like both, although I think a Rena XP is a little easier to complete routine maintenance. You can easily have the return of one of these canister filters point towards the surface of the water which will ensure you get just as much oxygen into the water (or more) than your HOB did.
    If you take your time to do the research FIRST, you can successfully set-up and keep ANY type of aquarium with ease.
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    That's a steal Duchie,

    amazon is my cheapest bet for filtration-the markup's in store just aren't worth it.

    Thanks for the feedback Cliff,

    I think these marinelands-aren't as quiet as they should be. or i'm just super sensitive to the sound. lol

    I'll keep my head on a swivel for a good deal on the 306. I know the renas/eheims are good, but i'm comfortable with what I have and would like to keep that consistency.

    Thanks all

  10. Default

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    Ac110 and raised water usual quietness but usually nothing can be a canister

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