Hi all, i just finished building myself a 250gallon tank for my freshwater fish. I have a couple of questions...:-) My old tank is 50g.

I filled my 250g tank and checked the ph which is 3.85!!! Horrible!! How would i raise the ph safely for my fish? Using bicab (baking soda)? I need to use everyday items due to the fact that my lfs is in the city which is 200km from me! Usually our tap ph is a stable 7.3 and is all natural from my borehole. But now it is like acid.

Then, how should i proceed in moving the fish? Currently in the 50g there are 4 clown loaches, 2 iridescent sharks, 2 synodontis, 1 pleco, 6 tigerbarbs, 2 gouramis and 2 angels. I know this is a very weird combination but it works. Can i just use the old filter medium and add it to my new filter and move The gravel and all the old water into the new tank?