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Thread: 29 gallon Stock

  1. Default 29 gallon Stock

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    I currently have 10 Neon Tetra, 5 Albino Cory, a couple Ghost Shrimp.

    Any good ideas on some additions to add a little variety that are compatible?

    Would an angel fit in with this group?

    Thanks all!

  2. Default

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    You've got a couple of options here.

    1. Add more neons. Neons are a shoaling fish and the bigger the shoal, the happier they are. You could easily add another 10 neons without any issues.

    2. You could add 5 male cherry barbs and 5 female cherry barbs. With females in the tank the males should color up to a dark red.

    3. Add a small, juvenile angel fish. The juvy angel will grown up with the neons and hopefully learn not to see them as food. I wouldn't add an adult angel because it may consider the neons food if they are small, young neons.

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    Thing is, is that tank high enough for an adult angel?

    It also depends on the setup of the tank, a planted setup with some wood offers other options than a relatively bare tank. If OP simply wants a dash of colour perhaps a pair of platies? The neons would keep their fry under control

  4. Default

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    Not a high tank....18 inches. Do Angels need proportionally high tanks? The tank is decorated with two pieces of driftwood and some natural stone built into an arch. I am also considering a Dwarf Gourami. Should they be kept single, or is it okay to have 2 Gourami?IMG_7507.jpg

  5. Default

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    + to Taurus. He gave you some great options. An angel would work great in that tank.

    If you wanted to go with a dw gourami instead, then only 1. two could turn into a problem as they often start battling over territory and it can get ugly.
    So if you went with the DW gourami instead of the angel, and kept your neons around 12 or 15, you could still add the cherry barbs.

    Either way, I'd add at least 1 more cory cat. 6 is generally considered the minimum number for a school of cories.
    You could also add a couple apple and or nerites snails for some additional color and interest. both are great additions to any tank.
    Very nice driftwood. You'll have to show us photos when you're stocked!
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    An unplanted bare tank. Ok...

    Angels easily get 8 inches high so that should fit. You don't have enough territorial boundaries or shelter for more than 1 gourami.

  7. Default

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    Plants are next, probably within a few days. I've been doing a lot of research on what lighting and level of care I want for plants.

    I think I will go with one Dwarf Gourami, some more Neon , and a few more Albino Cory.

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    This tank reminds me a bit of when Brhino started his 75 gal, just different tank sizes. Looking forward to seeing what plants you choose. You already have some great recommendations from other members on stocking. Keep us updated!

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    I wouldn't recommend an angelfish for a 29g tank. I know a lot of people say 29 gallons is the minimum for one, and I used to think so as well. I had an angel in a 29g with no problems for over a year, then he decided to go on a murdering rampage killing off most of his tank mates. He continued to be very aggressive to anything else in the tank and even lost an eye going after a kuhli loach, until I moved him to a 65 gallon. Once in the bigger tank he calmed down, and I could put any fish I wanted in with him and he was fine. The difference in his behavior was remarkable and I will never advise an angelfish in a 29g again, I don't think it gives them enough territory to claim and the results could be deadly.
    I think you will be happier in the long run with the dwarf gourami.
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